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Italija: Radio komunikacija Sainz-Ferrari

Piše: Ante Vetma

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Riccardo AdamiFive minutes, five minutes.

Three minutes.

All on medium apart from five starters on softs, included Verstappen at the front.

Closest soft starter is Ocon on soft, Ocon on soft, P14.

Carlos SainzWho is on softs, Charles, Max, Ocon…?

George as well. And De Vries

Pit-limiter on, and focus on the lights

Last car is on the grid

Utrka kreće.

Checo 0,2s behind

You are doing a good job, DRS enabled.

Magnussen next, 0,6s in front. Perez 0,6s behind.

Checo 0,6s behind, completed lap 3. You are P13. Ocon next, 0,7s in front on softs.

Checo 1,1s behind, no DRS for Checo.

Charles lap time 25,8, Verstappen 25,7.

Verstappen P2.

You are P10. Some breathing space in front. Zhou in front. Charles lap time 25,9.

You have a train of six cars in front of you. Slowed down by Ricciardo leading this group in 27,4.

At the end of the lap tyres will be ready.

Charles lap 25,5. Ricciardo lap 27,4.

You are doing good job with energies. And four cars in front. Ricciardo, Gasly, Lando and Alonso. Ricciardo lap time 27,3.

Alonso 0,4s behind, good on energies. Charles lap time 26,1. You are P6. You are doing great.

Sebastian Vettel se zaustavlja na stazi, aktiviran je virtualni sigurnosni automobil.

There is car stopped on turn 7, VSC.

You are P5. Charles lap time 25,8.

Soft looks a bit poor.

We are approaching green. Charge button on.

Sebastian has stopped out of turn 7 on the inside, all clear, no debris.

It should be relatively quick, considering where the car is.

Green is on, turn 11.

Ending, ending.

Charles at pit exit, getting out.

Gasly on DRS, 0,5s behind.

Charles on mediums.

Great move there. Currently P4. Charles is 2 seconds in front.

We are on for a plan B. B for “brado”… “Bravo”.

All looking good.

Charles 3 seconds in front.

Ricciardo 1,6s behind.

… nerazumljivo …

We suggest S2 for the high speed.

Charles lap time 26,3, P2. Max 26,6.

Perez has a car issue, he is behind. He had brake issue or something like that. He is currently last. Hamilton is 13th. He is behind a
DRS train, behind Ocon.

Multi white KC position 9. KC position 9. Multi white.

For the good last sector.

We are limited, no?

Focus on 9 and 11 for tyre saving to be better for overheating.

Max lap time 25,9.

George 26,4.

Again a good last sector, good job.

The pace is good, the deg is good, keep pushing.

George’s lap time 26,3, P2, still on softs.

Yeah, I need to [nerazumljivo], balance is difficult.

Copy. Flap adjusment, let me know?

Try to take it easier exit 6, 12, 7.

Let me know for flap.

Yeah… 5-1 now.


You are still happy with the plan B? B for “bravo”?

Yeah, but we are slow.


I feel like I have really big wear, rear left, like really big […], all the time.

Think about the hard.

What did the others put on?

Checo 26,0 on hard, George lap time 26,5. Mode white KC position 10.

How many more laps can you do at this pace?

2 or 3 laps, I don’t know.

We need to clear Mick, Mick lap time 27,8.

Yeah, I am trying to recover the tyre, but it’s difficult.

Do you think the tyres will recover, question?

I am trying.

George still out, Max also still out.

Yeah I want the soft, let’s keep going.

George has pitted.

Charles is 25,5, currently P3. You are doing great right now, really good.

Hard is slower than expected.

Even slower than expected?

Yes, copy that.

And Charles lap time 25,3. Checo behind 26,7. You are doing a great.

Max getting out of the pits. He pitted for the medium, going to the end.

Finished lap 25.

Which tyre George put?


How many more laps you think?

Let’s try… We either box for softs or we wait a bit more and we improve… At this pace it looks I can keep going for the moment.

Okay, good, you keep going.

Russell 4,4s behind.

Building tyre advantage. We are thinking of fitting soft to come back on him.

George 3,5 behind, 3,5.

Checo lap time 26,1. Deg look still very good for you, you are doing a good job. George has less grip and slippery. Soft is faster
than expected. 1-2 tenths faster than expected.

I need to box.

Multi white KC position 11.

We prefer one more lap, if you’re happy.


We’ll go .1 down.

I am not sure about the front.

Radio quality quite poor, copy that, move you mic.

You can use mode box. Box Carlos, box.

Pit confirm and box, for softs.

Yellow mechanics, K1, all the brakes.

Good job.

Perez out of the pits.

Perez lap time 26,2. Slow introduction, as discussed.

Checo lap time 26,4.

What is target pace?

26,3 target lap time, to get Russell end of the race.

Perez 0,7s behind. Charles has pitted, he is at turn 1.

Perez 0,7s behind, .8 with DRS.

What is the lap time?


He’s been asked to lift and coast. We believe for fuel. Could be a podium there. Head down.

Charles lap time 25,2, first timed lap on used softs.

Lando pitted, out of the way, you are in free air.

At the end of this lap tyres will be ready.

Charles lap time 24,9.

Focus on turn 5 apex.

Russell lap time 25,9. Charles lap time 24,5.

Push more turn 6 and 7. Early throttle and brake release.

Also in 11. Same advice.

Charles lap time 24,3. We match him, we get Russell at the end.

Early throttle last corner, you can do it.

Charles lap time 24,4. Russell lap time 25,6.

You are quickest in last sector, good job.

You can push till the end on this tyres, 14 laps.

13 laps.

Previous lap track limits turn 7, first strike. Previous lap, not this one.

Charles lap time 24,7.

Traffic, blue flags to Magnussen.

Good turn 4 and 5 this lap.

Charles lap time 24,5. 12 to go, 12 to go when you go over the line.

Russell 25,4.

You can improve 1 tenth. I know it’s difficult.

Early throttle turn 6.

Sorry about that, I saw you tried, good job there, keep doing.

Charles lap time 24,6.

Charles lap time 24,5. You are faster than him tyres corrected.

10 laps to go.

George in turn 1, he is 11 in front.

Charles lap time 24,8.

Turn 4 and 5 was very good.

Russell lap time 26,0.

He is 10 seconds in front, he had blue flags to Magnussen.

Russell lap time 26,0. He is in free air.

7 to go. 7 to go. Might consider sock 5 to get closer.

Russell is struggling with his fronts, 25,8.

He is 7,8 in front.

Switch yellow, switch yellow.

Ricciardo se zaustavlja na stazi.

Car stopped on track at turn 6. Car issue.

Flashing blues for Magnussen.

Sock 6, sock 6.

Solid blues for Magnussen.

Box, box.

Box for softs.

K1, all the brakes.

Russell pitted as well, he is at pit-exit.

Russell is on used soft.

Check you delta.

There will be 3 or 4 laps after the safety car.

Charge button on.

Radio is very poor, move you mic. Water.

What did the leaders do?

Catching the safety car.

Repeat with less noise and move your mic if you can.

What did the leaders do with the tyres?

Copy that. Verstappen stop for softs, Charles is coming in now to fit softs.

Mode FW, charge button off.

Hamilton behind, didn’t box.

The leaders are on the main straight. Safety car will go green light soon.

Try to adjust you mic if you can, I think it’s the water.

Yeah, I cannot do nothing about it.

Okay, it’s good like that.

You are currently P4.

Tell safety car to let us go through. If not it will take too long.

Copy that. Multi white KC position 8.

Where the tyres are with temperature is good for us.

Try to keep them there.

Yes. Can the safety car let us through?

Multi green FC position 14.

You can overtake now. Go now.

Tell safety car to wait for us.

Okay, they are doing the best they can. Keep pushing.

Be careful for the crane, turn 7.

Track is clear turn 7. Safety car is in turn 1.

Come on, tell George to pick up the pace. I don’t know what is he doing. He is slow on purpose.

We have been told that the race will end under safety car.


Charge button on.

Mode warm-up, use mode warm-up.

Safety car in this lap, and no overtaking.

Safety car is coming in, stay where you are, no overtaking.

Safety car odlazi, utrka završava.

P4, P4. Strong showing there, good job!

How was the end of the race?

It was close, I think. We were getting close. He was struggling with the fronts. I think it was possible at the very end.

Verstappen, then Charles, Russell, yourself, Hamilton behind, Perez P6, the fastest lap. Then Lando, Gasly, De Vries, Zhou P10.

Some pick-up, please.

P0 please, P0 please.


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  1. Pirelli Intermedium
    crofessional Donator Prikaži

    Sainz bi bio P3 da nije isao u box pod SC, a Norris P6. Vidimo da je trkaći inženjer veliki optimist kad je ocekivao 3-4 trakća kruga nakon SC.
    Jos jedan fakt. Safety car je uhvatio Russela u 48 krugu (umjesto Maxa) i drzao ga (njega i sve ostale) 2,5 kruga nepotrebno iza sebe. Valjda iz sigurnosnih razloga, ali tu je u biti praktički svaka nada za utrkivanjem nestala…



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Italija: Radio komunikacija Sainz-Ferrari

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Riccardo AdamiFive minutes, five minutes Three minutes All on medium apart from five starters on softs, included Verstappen at the front Closest soft starter is Ocon on soft, Ocon on soft, P14 Carlos SainzWho is on softs, Charles, Max, Ocon… George as well And De Vries Pit-limiter on, and focus on the lights Last car is on the grid Utrka kreće Checo 0,2s behind You are doing a good job, DRS...

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