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Radio transkript

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Lewis HamiltonRadio check…

Peter BonningtonYeah, radio check from the garage.

Yeah, loud and clear, mate.

Okay, I got you loud and clear.

Has the track temp dropped? Do you think we might need to… Add the wing?

It’s pretty static, to be fair, it’s still 34 degrees.

For some reason I’m in strat 6.

Yeah, affirm, that’s the recommendation for the start.

Okay, not strat 5.

Strat 6 instead of 5, yeah?

Yeah, we are currently recommending 6. You can use 5 if that’s what you prefer.

Erm… Bono, did you add the wing that we took out in the pit stop just here?

Yeah, we stuck that one hole back in.

Sorry, just remind me when you go down you have to take wing out, right?

Yeah, we’ve seen […] both ways.

I think with the limitation we’ll have here that’s the right direction.

Understood. Just remind me when I can push too.

Happy to push until turn 8-9.

You can push me back as well, mate.

60 seconds, select strat mode 1.

Radio is very loud.

45 seconds.

Tom, just show me where the line is when you go right there.

30 seconds, single bite-point find.

15 seconds.

Kreće formacijski krug

And 5.

Last car approaching the grid.

Kreće utrka

Collision turn 1, check my left front wing.

Okay at the moment.

Sainz 0,7s ahead, Perez 0,7s behind.

1,2s ahead, 1,1s behind.

Do I have damage on that front wing?


Gap is 1,4s ahead and behind. Magnussen off exit turn 2, through the gravel, so maybe gravel down there and inside line turn 3.

DRS has been enabled. Gap 1,4 ahead, 1,3 behind.

Perez 1:17.1, Sainz 1:16,9.

Gap ahead 1 second, 1,8s behind.

Sainz 1:17.1, Perez 1:16.9.

Left front seems pretty […]

If you need more support turns 11-12, think about going up the […].

If you need to use overtake we can go to strat mode 7.

Similar lap times to Sainz and Perez.

Sainz 0,8s ahead, Perez 1s behind.

Sainz 1:17.2, Perez 1:17.4.

Press and hold overtake available on main straight.

Give us balance check when you can.

/ nerazumljivo /

And energy recovery looks good, so overtake use is free.

Sainz 1:17.1, Perez 1:17.5.

So both Sainz and Perez in. Slow stop Sainz.

Tyres are good.

Copy that last message, Lewis. We are still on our target lap.

And Lewis, we have HPP3 position 4. George car behind now at 3,1 seconds. Same lap time for George.

Pace ahead of me?

So we’ve got Leclerc 6 seconds ahead 1:17.1, Verstappen 1:16.5.

And, remember to drink.

George was 1:16.9 last lap.

George 3,1s behind.

So, Leclerc exiting pit-lane now.

Think about maybe more management turn 7 for better 8-9.

George 1:17.0 last lap.

Verstappen in the pit-lane now.

Same lap time for George.

Think about lift&coast efficiency.

George 1:17.0.

So, Leclerc going 1:16.3 on new medium. George 1:16.8.

You’re still on your target lap.

Let me know where I’m losing to cars ahead.

Main loss actually turn 11. If you pull the braking back a little bit maybe better mid-corner speed.

Maybe little bit lift&cost at turn 11 will help bring surface temperatures down.

George 1:16.8, gap 3,4s.

Verstappen 1:16.0, Leclerc 1:16.3 on new mediums.

We are going target + 3.

George 1:16.8.

George same lap time, gap 3,6s.

George 1:16.7.

Recommend diff exit 9, maybe 10.

We’ll be target + 6. You’ve got Latifi ahead, backmarker.

So, George now has Verstappen within DRS distance.

So, Verstappen through, gap is 3,2s.

Verstappen was 1:15.8 with DRS.

Tyres still okay.

Okay, copy. Verstappen at 2,6s. 18 lap newer tyres.

Let me know George’s balance is with that front wing.

So, box box, box box.

You’ll be all clear on exit. We expect this tyre to come in at turn 8.

Pit-lane okay?

Affirm. Just check […]

Do I need to push right now, or…?

Yes, just bring them in, keep your pace up.

How is my pace?

We’ve got Verstappen and Leclerc 1:16.5. We are happy where the tyre temps are, regarding surfaces, let’s not take too much out of them. They are looking good.

That was a bit of a… Big message. Push or not?

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Surface temps are looking good.

So we’ve got Verstappen with 1:16.3. We just keep chipping away with that gap.

So we are settling to the rhythm. Just couple of tenths faster each lap, compared to Verstappen. He was 1:16.3.

And Perez the car ahead, 2,2s. Last lap 1:16.7.

Tijekom cijele potjere i borbe s Perezom nema komunikacije na team-radio.

Blue flags!

So we’ve got Perez at 1,5s behind now.

Gap ahead of me?

We’ve got 18s from Verstappen, the leader.

18 seconds?

Affirm. He is doing 1:16.1.

So, Verstappen 1:16.1.

Gap behind?

George is through Perez, he is 3,3s.

How much time did I lose with Perez?

Looks like we’ve probably dropped 4 seconds with Perez and Vettel traffic.

Perez in pit-lane now.

Verstappen 1:15.8. George 1:15.6.

Verstappen been told to pick up the pace.

Let me know if this pace is good.

So Lewis, we are happy with this pace at the moment. Looks like Verstappen has picked it up a bit, but we are still faster. We have 30 laps to go.

Verstappen 1:15.9, George 1:15.6.

Verstappen was 1:16.6 last lap, gap 17 seconds. He is 6 and a bit inside our pit window.

I keep getting traffic, man…

Yeah, copy Lewis.

Tsunoda se prvi put zaustavlja na stazi.

So we have Tsunoda stopped, exit turn 3. We are in a SC window.

Yellow flags, but the car is moving. So we have yellow, yellow. Tsunoda going slowly through turn 7.

I had a lift on the straight after turn 3.

Yeah, copy, we saw that.

Gap to car ahead?

Gap currently 14,6 seconds. Leclerc has stopped again, so you’re now P2.

Verstappen 1:15.6.

Let me know where I can pick up pace.

Only real area to improve is turn 10. Compromise entry for better exit.

So we have another yellow, turn 4, Tsunoda again. We are in a SC window.

VSC, VSC, keep the delta positive.

We go strat mode 1, and currently stay out, stay out. Tsunoda car stopped.

What’s the gap?

We got Verstappen just on our SC window. Keep an eye on that delta.


So get tight on that delta.

Okay, so we’ll box box, if VSC stays – we’ll box box.

Let’s go guys, these are good pit-stops! Thank you!

Still VSC on exit.

Just keep on top of delta, good man.

Has anyone else stopped?

George has stopped. Verstappen and George.

/ nerazumljivo /

So keep the delta tight.

Track is clear, stay tight on that delta.

VSC ending, we go strat 7, strat 7.

VSC završava, Verstappen je 12 sekundi ispred Lewisa na novim hard gumama.

Where is everyone?

Verstappen 12s ahead, he is on the hard tyre.

VSC stuffed us.

Copy Lewis, let’s just keep our head down and see what we can do. You’re currently P2.

21 laps remaining.

Wear on stint 1 was good, this is shorter stint with lighter fuel, so, happy to push.

Verstappen 1:14.4. George was a 1:14.2.

Verstappen 1:14.6. George 1:14.3.

Verstappen 1:14.4. George similar lap time.

Only loss to George is management turn 7, turn 8, two tenths.

You’re fastest man on track.

Gap ahead?

Okay Lewis, 11,4. Seven tenths faster last lap.

Bottas se zaustavlja na pravcu.

We’ve got a yellow on main straight, Valtteri stopped down at turn 1.

We got that yellow, yellow. Car stopped at the straight.

Safety car, safety car. Keep your delta positive.

We go strat mode 1.

Has he got safety car window?

Verstappen in the pit-lane, so, we are staying out.


It’ll be close with Verstappen on exit.

Delta positive.

What tyre is he on?

Verstappen on soft tyre. He is currently behind George.

How many laps?

We’ve got 15 to go.


So, safety car through the pit-lane.

Just remember, we’re staying in the fast lane.

Russell javlja ekipi da želi nove soft gume.

Just stay in the fast lane going through.

Why did you stop George?

Erm… Don’t know, Lewis, I’ll let you know.

That was a mistake, mate.

He had track position.

We had a buffer between us and… Now we don’t have that.

Copy that, Lewis.

So, we’ll stay out. We are using main straight. Do not enter pit-lane. Stay on the main straight.

You’re doing good job Lewis.

Used softs?

Yes, they will be used.

Doing good job with the tyre temperatures as always.

So, lapped car now overtaking. It will be 7 in total. Already had one. You stay on the racing line, no weaving, just let them past.

It’ll be hard to keep that car behind me now.

Copy Lewis, but let’s give it everything.

Cannot get this front temperatures up.

Safety car will be in this lap.

Expect the lights to go out around turn 11.

When the lights go out it’ll be strat mode 5. You can use early overtake push. Push&hold available at your discretion.

So, safety car turn 12.

Safety car apex 13.

Safety car apex 14.

In the pit-lane.

Strat 5.

Verstappen prolazi na prvo mjesto.

… nerazumljivo …

You’ve got George 0,6s behind.

You’ll have at least 3 or 4 laps early push overtake if needed.

I can’t believe you guys fucking screwed me, man. I… I can’t tell you how pissed I am right now.

Copy, Lewis. We’ll chat afterwards. DRS enabled.

Yeah, I know, I […]

So, Leclerc 0,7s, remember that early overtake push.

Gap behind?

We’ve got Sainz at 1,3s.

Is everyone on soft tyres?!

Just those around us. We’ve got Sainz doing 1:15.0, he is under pressure from Perez, he is on the medium.

How many laps left?

Will be 5 when you cross the line.

So, gap to Sainz 2,2.

Sainz behind 1:15.6.

Leclerc ahead doing 1:14.5.

Iduća tri kruga su bez radio komunikacije.

One more lap and we can go strat mode 5 till the end.

Utrka završava, Lewis je P4.

Okay, sorry about that Lewis. It was looking good… We’ll sit down and review the decisions made there.

Toto Wolff Yeah Lewis, sorry it didn’t work out. We did what we discussed this morning, we took a risk and it didn’t work out, but let’s discuss between us and the office.

Pete BonningtonLewis, go HPP1 position 14.

To all the mechanics – fantastic job today! Those were the best pit-stops all year. So, thank you for the continued efforts. Let’s keep pushing, we still got points today, and…

Yeah, thanks Lewis, appreciate the message.


24 komentara

  1. Srce mi se slama.

    Salim se. Povraca mi se od Hamiltona.

    Cestitke Raselu.


  2. Fernando Alonso 14
    GP2Engine Prikaži

    Levelima iznad Ferrarija.


  3. Max Verstappen 1
    TheDutchLion Donator Prikaži

    “I can’t believe you guys fucking screwed me, man. I… I can’t tell you how pissed I am right now.”

    PR Training kicks in:

    “To all the mechanics – fantastic job today! Those were the best pit-stops all year. So, thank you for the continued efforts. Let’s keep pushing, we still got points today, and…”


  4. Renault
    zd1400rt Prikaži

    Živio F1 TV i popust zadnja tri mjeseca.
    Sada sam pogledao onboard snimke od izlaska SC-a. Russell je tražio soft krug ipo prije nego ih je dobio. Nakon njegovog zahtjeva i odbijanja od strane garaže prolazi pored boksa i javljaju mu da su Max i Leclerc uzeli soft. Potom ponovo zahtjeva soft gume na početku trećeg sektora i govore mu da ostane vani, ali da SC ide kroz box. Ponovo zahtjeva Soft i tek na ulazu u pit mu javljaju da stane po soft, valjda 30-40 m prije boxa.
    Dok je prolazio kroz box Hamilton je vidio da su zaustavili Russella i rekao da su napravili grešku.

    Ovo je definitivno bila najveća strateška greška u utrci, to što nisu Hamiltona zvali u box kada su išli Max i Leclerc. Može Toto prditi što hoće, ali odnijeli su nagradu najgore odluke. Što je je, Hamilton je odvozio odlično utrku. I nakon što su ga zeznuli (da ne budem prost) borio se svim snagama protiv Russella i Leclerca. S njihovih bolida se moglo vidjeti koliko na limitu vozi.

    Ista odluka bi išla i Russellu da nije toliko inzistirao na softu. Vjerojatno bi služio kao “topovsko meso” za branit Hamiltona na P1.

    Svaka čast Russellu.

    Dodatak, naknadno vidio. Nakon što su izišli iz bolida Perez čestita Maxu, pa Russell čestita Maxu, a potom Hamilton prolazi s kacigom na glavi pored Russella kao da ne postoji. Ups


  5. Robert Kubica
    Yura Prikaži

    Ehh da u F1 vozaci sami slazu taktiku, Đorđe bi bio jako zajeban lik za nadmudriti


  6. Bernie Ecclestone
    Dani Donator Prikaži

    Ništa posebno.


  7. Michael Schumacher
    27Ferrari28 Donator Prikaži

    Kako se ložimo na tog Hamiltona to je strašno.
    Ne ulazeći u to dal bi pobjedili ili ne ovaj TR radio zapravo otkriva pravog LH dok se još ne uključe PR mašine. Čak me malo i iritiralo kada nakon svakog gubitka mjesta kamera stavlja u fokus Anđelu, kao da mu je ona slagala taktiku.
    Ponekad zaboravlja da je Toto glavni i lako mu se može desiti da motor zadimi.


  8. Ferrari
    nelinjo Prikaži

    Šta je bilo s Leclercom u Britaniji!? Ista situacija! Leclerc i Hamilton vjeruju pitwallu! :) Ogriješili su se o Hamiltona. Mada, Russel je insistirao na softu, tako da…


  9. Flavio Briatore
    Unwoken European Prikaži

    Lewis mora doživjeti 1000 propusta da se karma izjednači. Imao je superiornu sreću godinama. I kad mu pukne guma je prvi, i kada se zabije u zid bude drugi. Godinama je safety car izlazio baš kad je njemu trebalo. Obrnuti slučaj je Ferrari, sve što može poći po zlu, obično i pođe.


  10. Počinje perje letit…
    Mali psihopata se ne da dresirat.
    Ja još uvijek mislim da bi LH mogao u penziju, ako ga GR nastavi nervirati jer TW neće zatući mladog lava koji očito zna riknut kako treba, samo da bi vitez bio zadovoljan.


  11. Max Verstappen 1
    vlado Pretplatnik Prikaži

    Nekih 24 sata kasnije.

    Ne mislim da je Lewis bio ljut na tim. Vec na sebe. “Drugi” vozac ga je uzeo samo tako. Milsim da je ok reci da je LH izgubio taj killer instinct. Sto je razumljivo. Jos od poslednje utrke prosle godine mislim da bi on sa osmom titulom uradio potez Nice iz 2016. Prosla sezona bi bila njegova najveca u karijeri da se nije desilo sto je. Trebao je biti savrsen kraj.

    Jeste, popravljao je stetu poslje utrke ali: “Let’s go guys, these are good pit-stops! Thank you!” Ovo je rekao prije svege toga. Tako da…


  12. F1puls Portal
    gosuasus Prikaži

    George Russell se pokazao znatno kompetentniji u preciznom detektiranju ponašanja guma, jedna od vozačkih nota koja razdvaja najbolje od dobrih. Gotovo nikad odluka za promjenu guma nije samo na pitwallu, intuicija i osjećaj koji vozač ima za upravljačem su bitan faktor u utrkivanju.


    • Max Verstappen 1
      vlado Pretplatnik Prikaži

      Koiiko sam uhvatio, on je insistirao na boxu jer je shvatio da se ustvari bori sa Lewisom a ne Maxom.

      i bukvalno mu je dozvoljeno 40 metara pred ulazak u box. Zbog toga i mislim da je Lewis ustvari ljut, jer ga je GR nadmudrio.

      Svaka mu cast, dostojan je ekipe. Nije Toto blesav.



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