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Charles LeclercCan someone give me the me, I mean, press the button. I cannot do everything together… I don’t know… Perfect, thank you.

Marcos PedrosSo, Gasly is being pushed inside the pitlane. Same position for us.

Where was Pierre, behind or?

P8, P8

So we are P14, right, but starting P15?


Just to confirm, you will start from P15, P15

Just a reminder, when we fire up the engine, we will push you backwards, bitepoint and pit-limiter on

All the cars in top 10 on medium except from Sainz

Bottas, Verstappen and us on soft, all the rest on medium

Two minutes

And for your info – Tsunoda hard from the pitlane, so we can give you a reference where

You can fire the engine

Formacijski krug kreće.

Last car is on the grid

Utrka kreće.

So Stroll in front 0,3s, and Magnussen behind 0,5s.

And Hamilton stopping on the back straight

Stay… Safety car deployed, and stay out. Charge button on and sock 6. So, Hamilton stopped at turn 16 and Bottas stopped at turn 7.


For the moment you are P10, Verstappen 8. In front we have Stroll with the medium, Verstappen…

No, Verstappen is in front.

So, you are P9, yeah.

So, Verstappen in front with softs, and then you have Albon, Albon with the medium.

You are P9, P8 is Verstappen with soft, then we have Albon, Ricciardo. Behind we have Stroll with medium and Magnussen. Crane at turn 7 so be careful there.

Is everything okay on the car?

So we are checking the front right temperature, we will let you…

I think there is a puncure. The brake or tyres temperature?

The brake temperature.

What is going on?

Front right brake temperature seems to be. We are checking it, I will let you know what to do. If anything.

I think there is some smoke from front right. Fucking hell…


So, box this lap, box. We need to check front right corner.

Aaargh! I think it has to be a tear-off.

And we will change tires.

What tyres? Be clear.

We will come back to you, one moment.

So, going to medium, and let me know if you want to adjust the flap.

For now leave it as it is.

So box now, box.

And we will hold you until it’s okay.

So there was a tear-off inside the front right brake cooling. We removed it, everything should be okay now.

And K2 off, charge button on, please. Now in front we have Gasly with medium, and Tsunoda in front of Gasly with hard.

Let me know when the front right temperatures are okay.

So the front right brake temperature sensor is not working.

SC in this lap. And new mediums for Latifi behind you.

And we need driver default Bravo 07 on, please.

We agree one stop from now, no?

We will come back to you on that.

I confirm you, yes.

Just a reminder, we will be K2 on the restart.

Safety car ulazi i utrkivanje se nastavlja.

And brake balance +2 when you can. Temperatures are okay.

Okay, good job.

And DRS enabled.

Also Latifi behind with DRS.

Gap to Gasly in front 0,3s, Latifi behind 0,7s.

So next car in front is Zhou ad 0,7s. Good job.

And we will need some lift&cost for engine temps.

And we need driver default delta 71 on when you can.

And we see degradation higher than expected. That’s for everybody.

Next car in front is Norris, 1,4s.

So, gap to Norris 1,9s.

Lap time?

Norris in front 56,1s.

No, lap time for guys in front.

Sainz in free air with soft 54,6s.

Sainz is pitting this lap.

And brake balance +1, suggestion.

Verstappen lap time 54,6s. Sainz pitted for new medium.

Next car in front is Ocon, 1,8s.

And we are seeing high deg for all tyres, all compounds.

/ nejasno /

For all compounds, all of them.

Next car in front of you is Stroll, 1,3s.

Stroll lap times in front 56,6s, Verstappen is in P1 / lap time 53,1s.

And you are the fastest on the medium.

And switch position yellow.

And we need lift-off for tyre temps.

So, degradation is mostly thermal, so we think lift&cost will help. Can you do 10 more laps with this set, question?

Yes, yes I can.

Perez, close to Perez on pit-exit, he just pitted.

So Perez in front with new medium, look after traction.

Leclerc se bori s Perezom na Kemmel pravcu i Red Bullov vozač ga agresivno zatvara i gura prema vanjskoj pasici.

We he doesn’t leave… He didn’t leave car width space there. And we touched, so…


Russell behind with new medium.

Gap to Russell behind 0,4s.

Russell behind with DRS.

And Russell behind with DRS.

And we are going plan D. Hard is 2 tenths faster than expected. Degradation is still high.

And easy on traction to look after those tyres.

And S2 for turn 18, suggestion

And if we had to stop now, we will be right in front of Gasly which is P12. Doing a good job on tyres.

Why we would stop now?

So we are looking at the P5 finish at the finish. Question / would you like to have a new medium to go through the traffic or prefer the new hard, question?

/ nejasno /

For now tyres feel quite okay.

Understood, that is good.

And flap update when you can.

So you are doing good job with tyres, we are happy to continue like this. Can you do 5 more laps, question?



And brake balance +1 suggestion.

How is the pace?

The pace is quite good, we will come back to you on references.

So, your pace is good. Compare to Red Bulls same tyre age. We have slightly less deg than them. No clear reference, we are offset compared to all the rest.

Yes, I know.

And easy on the breaking, mainly for the rear tyres.

Switch position red.

Starting to lose a little bit of rear.


And brake +1 for the rears. Look after rear slips and traction, please.

So we think our degradation is good, continue like this, you are doing a good job.

And sock 5 for temps, when you can.

Sock 5 and what?

Sock 5 just for temperatures. Sainz lap times for refererence / 54,5s with 8 laps younger tyres.

And how many more laps do you think you can do?

Still quite / nejasno /

Understood, for us the deg is fine.

As information / ff we stop now we’ll be in front of Albon, P9 for him.

What is the pace of Albon.

Albon lap time 55,9s.

We are losing quite a bit of time.


Let’s… Yeah, [nejasno] we’ll figure that one later, maybe wait a little bit more.

Albon lap time 56,1s.

And box for medium.

So, box…

Do you think they will last until the end of the race?

Yes, we think they will. So, box this lap, box. Pit confirm, and it will be a “doppio”. (doppio = duplo zaustavljanje)

And sock 6 when you can.

Fighting anybody?

You should be in front of Albon, a bit close… In front of Albon, confirm. 19 laps to go, and slow tyre introduction. K9 off.

So next car in front is Ocon with hard and we believe he will stop again. 6 seconds to Ocon.

Gap to Ocon in front 4,5s. It should be 2 second tyre delta to him.

And we need 3 to 4 laps as a slow introduction.

Ocon laptime 54,6s.

Ocon in front is being told not to lose time [fighting].

How is pace?

Pace is good.

And tyres are ready. As a reference, Sainz lap time in the free air, 52,2s with hard. Next car in front is Sebastian. Gap to Sebastian 2,5s.

And 15 laps to go.

Sainz lap time 52,9s.

So we are P5. Next car in front Russell with new hard, 13 seconds in front.

So Russell lap time in front, first timed lap for him 50,8s.

And Sainz laptime 52,2s.

So Sainz laptime 52,0s.

And Russell laptime in front of us 51,1s.

And switch position yellow.

What, why?

Switch position yellow.

Aha, okay.

So Sainz lap time 52,3s.

Russell in front of us 51,1s.

And 10 laps to go, Sainz 52,2s.

How many laps to go you said?

10, 10 laps to go.


Information, so next car in front is Russell 16 seconds in front. And behind Alonso, 18 seconds behind.

And easy entry turn 10 to improve exit.

Good job at turn 10.

Yeah, tyres are dropping off a little bit.


Sainz lap time 52,5s, Russell 51,7s.

And 8 laps to go, Sainz 52,6, Russell 51,6.

Can you tell me the gap?

Gap to Russell in front 18,6s.

Yeah… Tyres are degrading, so I’ll just take it easy.

Okay, understood.

Gap to Alonso behind 19,3s.

And 3 laps to go.

Sainz laptime 52,6, Russell 52,4.

Yeah, yeah, okay.

So, if we stop now, we will be 1 second in front of Alonso. That will be to attempt for the fastest lap.

So, box this lap, pit confirm.

I will not risk it this time. But if you really want to try it… But I would not risk it.

So, box now, box.

We’ll do +2 clicks.

And sock 8 when you can.

Alonso behind with DRS, K2 off.

Next lap is the last lap?

Yes, last lap and we need sock 1 into last corner.

Utrka završava, Leclerc je na petoj poziciji. Za kaznu zbog prebrze vožnje u pit-laneu će doznati tek kasnije tijekom intervjua.

So, slow down in turn 1, remember – no in-lap.

Yeah, I know.

You did a good job, managed the tyres really well

Do you need positions, question?

No, I don’t need it… Freaking tear-off!


21 komentara

  1. Michael Schumacher
    karte_m0lim Donator Prikaži

    ajmo, tko je sve citao TR glasom trkaceg ing-a ..


  2. “I will not risk it this time.”… Nadam se da će nekada dovoljno da se ohrabri, lupi šakom i ostane pri ovakvim svojim izjavama, a bilo ih je, nije da nije. Tužno.


  3. Formula1
    f1zd Prikaži

    Netko je rekao da je Leclerc ispunjavao anketu tokom utrke :rofl:


  4. Max Verstappen 1
    vlado Pretplatnik Prikaži

    “For the moment you are P10, Verstappen 8. In front we have Stroll with the medium, Verstappen…

    No, Verstappen is in front.

    So, you are P9, yeah. So, Verstappen in front with softs, and then you have Albon, Albon with the medium.”

    Ovo iznad je bio jedan od Ferrari “momenata”.

    A Charles, borba za bod je sto ocekujem od tebe, bez izvlacenja.


  5. kvalitetna komunikacija donosi dobre zajendičke rezultate


  6. Ovo citas i ostanes bez rijeci…..uopce nemam ideju sta rec na Pit wall…..meni se cini da oni moraju napravit kompletnu reorganizaciju momcadi…nije tu samo Mattia u banani…


  7. Michael Schumacher
    Slavenowsky Donator Prikaži

    Directed by Robert B. Weide


  8. Sad bi bilo lijepo pročitati Maxov team radio, pa da vidimo razliku.


  9. Imam pitanje/molbu za “F1pulsmedia” staff: Da li sami pravite transkript radio komunikacije ili koristite (ne)službene transkripte (F1 ekipa, F1)? Ako transkripte preuzimate da li nas možete uputiti u izvor informacije kako bi i sami mogli konsultovati izvor jer vi odabirate samo jedan transkript (što je sasvim razumljivo), a realno je očekivati da se preferencija čitalaca neće uvijek poklopiti sa preferencijama urednišva “F1.pulsmedia”. Hvala vam.


    • F1puls Portal
      Ante Vetma glavni urednik Prikaži

      Sami radimo transkript, F1 TV snimanje, pa video u audio, pa Audacity da se izrežu prazne minute, i onda transkribiranje iz zvuka na tipkovnicu.


      • x1

        Hvala Vetma. Zaista sam ostao dirnut predanošću s kojom pristupate u radu na portalu. Imam nekog iskustva kod pisanja transkripta jer smo nekoliko intervjua morali transkribovati po Jeffersovom metodu, tempo je bio: za 1 minut razgovora trebalo nam je više od 15 minuta za transkript tako da znam koliko je to mukotrpan posao. Hvala mnogo.



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