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Presented by the winner of the last race of the season, Mick Schumacher goes to F1 as the F2 champion!

Lovro Andraka


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Presented by the winner of the last race of the season, Mick Schumacher goes to F1 as the F2 champion!

Lovro Andraka

Jehan Daruvala reached his first F2 victory in the last race of the season as part of the Sakhira Grand Prix at the Bahrain International Circuit outdoor configuration. Mick Schumacher passed the finish line as 18th, but as even his only rival Callum Ilott did not score points, it was enough for him to win the Formula 2 title.

Schumacher entered the race with a 14-point lead over Ilotto, which meant the Briton had to win or be second with the fastest lap to have any chance of overtaking Schumacher, who would be guaranteed a title in sixth place.

The two of them started from the second row, and in front of them were Dan Ticktum and Jehan Daruvala, the duo who spent most of the race fighting for victory. Everything started great for Schumacher, he had a good start again, which may have put him in the lead, but he didn't want to risk too much in the first turn, so Ticktum stayed ahead.

However, two turns later, the first trouble occurs - the German strongly blocks the wheel in turn 4, loses his position to Daruvala and barely defends himself from Ilotta. Ilott failed to pass Schumacher, so Robert Schwartzman passed him briefly. Although Schumacher tore the tire well, he didn't seem to mind too much because in the sixth lap in turn 6 he passed Daruval attractively and returned to second place.

The Indian regains his position in the eighth lap and starts hunting for Ticktum, while Schumacher is slowly losing pace. In the 11th lap, the virtual safety car was briefly lit, but as it was turned on only to remove part of Louis Deletraz's car from the race track, the race continued before the end of that lap. Ilott was right behind Schumacher, but the German defended fantastically until the 19th round when Ilott finally passed in front, and Schwartzman and Guanyu Zhou immediately passed.

In the 20th round, Schumacher went to the pits and fell to the very back - it seemed to Ilotta that a miracle was happening that was supposed to win him the title, but it still didn't happen. The Briton did not have the pace to attack the leading two and soon arrived under pressure from Schumacher's colleague Schwartzman. Schwartzman failed to pass, but that’s why he was overtaken by Zhou and yesterday’s winner Yuki Tsunoda who had a great pace in the second half of the race. Tsunoda passes in front of Ilotta in the 26th round, and by the end the Briton is completely out of points.

At the top we watched a fantastic fight between Ticktum and Daruvala, and we got the final solution of the duel in the 25th round when Daruvala takes the lead which it keeps until the end. Ticktum lost second place to Tsunoda by the end. Zhou finished fourth in front of Schwartzman, Ghiotto who broke through nine places in relation to the start and Drugovich who got the last point.

New Haas driver Nikita Mazepin finished ninth, and only behind him did Callum Ilott enter the finish line. Schumacher was 18th, but with a race like this for Ilotta and that was more than enough for him to go to Haas ’team as an F2 champion. This confirmed the double crown for Prem who secured her first team title yesterday.

New season with new weekend format it should start on March 27, for the third time in a row it should be driven at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Driver Team For the rest
1 Jehan Daruvala Carlin -
2 Yuki Tsunoda Carlin 3.561s
3 Dan Ticktum DAMS 3.902s
4 Guanyu Zhou UNI Virtuosi 5.615s
5 Robert Schwartzman According to Racing 7.585s
6 Giuliano Alesi MP Motorsport 9.040s
7 Luca Ghiotto Hitech Grand Prix 11.093s
8 Felipe Drugovich MP Motorsport 13.878s
9 Nikita Mazepin Hitech Grand Prix 14.536s
10 Callum Ilott UNI Virtuosi 16.023s
11 Pedro Piquet Charouz Racing System 16.157s
12 Christian Lundgaard ART Grand Prix 17.051s
13 Louis Deletraz Charouz Racing System 20.176s
14 Marcus Armstrong ART Grand Prix 21.844s
15 Roy Nissany Trident 23.639s
16 Marino Sato Trident 26.089s
17 Sean Gelael DAMS 26.759s
18 Mick Schumacher According to Racing 28.529s
19 Guilherme Samaia Campos Racing 35.936s
20 Artyom Markelov BWT HWA RACELAB 59.769s
21 Theo Pourchaire BWT HWA RACELAB 1nd round
- Ralph Boschung Campos Racing gave up

The final ranking of Formula 2 2020.

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  1. Sebastian Vettel 5 dzalac Show

    Well done Mick, it was tense


  2. Bar Kico Donator Show

    Congratulations to Mick on the title, great race !!


  3. He deserved it. Fans of his dad enjoy :)


    • Sebastian Vettel 5 Pastor Show

      I did cheer for Michael, but if Mick had no idea about the ride I wouldn't care. I cheer for the little one because he’s good, and being Mcihael’s son is just a bonus. And proof that an apple doesn’t fall far from a tree. : D


  4. Michael Schumacher Kaiser Show

    Bravo Mick


  5. Esteban Ocon 31 Krstas Donator Show

    Deservedly. Bravo Šumi !!!!

    Well done to everyone today !!!


  6. Kimi Raikkonen 7 Azavi Donator Show

    I was impressed with Tsunoda this weekend, he was really great


  7. Sebastian Vettel VettelFerrari Show

    I was skeptical at first, but the little one is a really top driver. I wish him good luck in the continuation of his career.


  8. F1puls Portal Sarma Donator Show

    Mick Schumacher: A big kiss to everyone at home. ❤


  9. It's a pity that tsunoda is not crowned after such rides, I hope it will be in f1 now. good schumie yesterday


  10. Niki Lauda wapi Donator Show

    The duel with Illot was tactically perfect…. He did nonsense, he screwed up his tires, but Ilott used up his tires too. That was enough. As he said at the end, "everyone will forget this race, and they will remember the good moments of this season".


  11. Mattia Binotto monkeyseat Show

    Congratulations Mick !!
    I hope Dad is proud :-)


  12. Ferrari ferrari1984 Show

    Little Schumi, every cast…
    And now we are going to show in F1 that we are worthy of the surname Schumacher, which no one even doubts…

    Good luck 💪👍


  13. Lando Norris Zola Show

    A heart as big as a beat. What a race. Tense from start to finish. Great graduation mick


  14. Bravo Mick!
    Champions welcome to F1.

    I have been following F1 for a very long time but this year I enjoyed watching F2 more… out of 22 drivers 16 were on the podium and as many as 12 were different race winners. Phenomenal statistics and top excitement in racing.
    I wish us that kind of competition in F1.


  15. Schumi junior was able to gamble the title by inexperienced flat spotting of tires. This is a race where he first had to be careful not to do stupid things and follow his competitor tactically so that something unforeseen does not happen.

    He braked him a little later, but even if he hadn't, he would have been the champion. Luckily Illot didn't have his day either (I don't know if the car used the tires too aggressively or just a bad ride). But I'm glad he enjoys it because he will be a backmarker in F1 for a while. It was thick to listen to English commentators, first made happy by the flatspot, but they fell silent when Illot's tires ran out. Landing on the ground.

    Tsunoda made a great breakthrough and in the end only 1 point behind the English in the championship. He had bad luck throughout the season, otherwise who knows..One of the best and well-deserved promotion in F1. I'm not so sure about Mazepina, the Russian kamikaze.