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Vettel: No driver would turn down a Mercedes call

Katarina Predovan


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Current Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel will spend just three more races in the red car before joining the Aston Martin team and the current Racing Point. In September, the news that Vettel had signed a multi-year contract with the Aston Martin team resonated with the world, and when asked if he would sign for Mercedes, he replied that it was now a highly sought-after place.

"If I had the chance to drive a Mercedes, I wouldn't say no."

“Right now no driver would say no to Mercedes and I would certainly be ready to face Lewis. You should ask him too, but I think he would like to be on the team with me too. There is a lot of respect between us. ”

Sebastian Vettel

Recently, Max Verstappen stated that 90 percent of drivers currently in Formula 1 would win in a Mercedes or a car driven by Hamilton and Bottas. Asked for comment, Sebastian Vettel said the following:

"I think it's hard to say if that's true."

“Certainly the Mercedes car is great, the team is incredibly strong and Lewis is reaping the benefits. Some other drivers would surely succeed in Hamilton's position. "

"But you have to say that Lewis does it every race weekend and that's exactly his strength."

Sebastian Vettel

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  1. Sergio Perez Ibarac00 Donator Show

    The portal was reinforced by journalists leaning towards the silver camp.



  2. Michael Schumacher VRSV546 Show

    Of course it would, and that's a problem with the same big F1
    If you love the team Eg Ferrari you have a bad car you risk too much to be clumsy you make mistakes, and then when one of the 3 greatest talents of the last 10 years comes and is immediately world class side by side people start saying that one bot is better than you….


  3. Alfa Romeo limitmaker1 Donator Show

    … I see this as a spin to press a little lewis on the signature…


  4. Sebastian Vettel 5 battery992 Show

    For comments about Lewis it is best to also ask Seba. The man really loves f1 and knows the history of the sport very well so he is realistic in his statements. Senna himself said that the best drivers should drive the best cars, whether Lewis is the best, he is by success, and only by that can we measure him.
    F1 has never been a spec series and never will be. So we will never know who the most capable driver is. And there will always be dominant cars and teams and thus drivers who reap the fruits of that.
    I'm not a Lewis fan, but apart from losing the title to Rosberg, the man did the best he could…
    I wish Seb had taken at least one title from him… But Lewis and Mercedes didn't break down and mess up when Ferrari and Seb did…

    I think Hamilton's driving skills are unquestionable, maybe I don't think he's the best, but also I haven't touched the F1 car so I have no idea about it… But if Rosberg, Vettel and many others value a man so much, then I understand why…

    In the end, I would say, we often blame all the joy of Formula 1 on Lewis, and neither F1 has changed much, nor can Lewis do much here…


  5. Kimi Raikkonen joja Show

    Lewis does this every weekend but …… can he do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke


  6. Lando Norris Zola Show

    Oo bokte what are these hymns and go to Mercedes last couple of articles. Mercedes is about to come out of the pate


    • Ferrari Boris_CRO Show

      Because of our hatred of the Mercedes team, such articles get a lot more clicks than others. It is in the interest of this portal that they throw bones at us, and we, like dogs, sharply start commenting.


  7. Mclaren LH44 Donator Show

    The sky is blue


  8. Mercedes Jester Donator Show

    I couldn’t think of him as he waved his finger at RBR… .now I can only see how wrong I was. My fault, my maximum fault.


    • Sebastian Vettel 5 Pastor Show

      Vettel has always been a class of man, only many were ignorant at the time… Even Brundle praised him when he drove for his first win. Such a man does not become, but is born. Or so it is brought up, and all have already gone through their upbringing when we see them for the first time.


  9. Ferrari HotWheels Show

    Vettel is a lot of things, a calculated German is one of them. Wolf has a stake in F1 Racing Point (Aston Martin), and Mercedes has a stake in Aston itself. The very fact that the German, a four-time champion, drives in the sister team makes him the first choice if Hamilton retires.
    By glorifying Hamilton and Mercedes he mitigates his failure, although I believe he would be very happy to smear Hamilton’s nose with mud if he could.

    It kind of reminds me of the time when Vettel was raging in Red Bull… Alonso and Hamilton were soaring into the sky through the media, and it was obvious that Vettel was not a thorn but a stake in their eye :-) :-)


  10. Fernando Alonso Mr.Spaceguy Donator Show

    Except when it comes to Sebastian Vettel.