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Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel on Lewis Hamilton after his seventh F1 title

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Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel hailed Lewis Hamilton as the greatest of his era after the Mercedes driver celebrated his seventh Formula 1 title by winning the wet Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday.

The German quickly congratulated his British rival after Hamilton equaled a record seven Ferrari titles by Michael Schumacher and became the most successful driver in the history of the sport with unprecedented 94 victories.

“He drove fantastically well,” Vettel told Sky Sports F1 after Hamilton won from sixth position at the start in challenging wet conditions.

“Honestly, the podium is a good result for us, but today is his day if you make such a history. The first thoughts really go to him.

"It's a huge achievement. I am happy to be able to witness this first hand. ”

“I told him it was very special for us because today we can witness the making of history,” third-placed Vettel told reporters when asked what he told Hamilton after he got out of the car.

"He is certainly the greatest part of our era. I think it’s always hard to compare [periods] - how can you even compare [Juan Manuel] Fangi and Stirling Moss with our generation? You can not. We might be useless because we would all shit in those cars. Maybe they would be useless in our cars because they are too fast now. Who knows?

"It's not important. I think every age has its driver or drivers, and Lewis is the greatest in our era, ”continued the Ferrari driver, who won his titles at Red Bull from 2010 to ’13. And he hoped to add that number to Ferrari.

“For me, Michael will emotionally always be the greatest driver, but there is no doubt that Lewis is the greatest in terms of what he has achieved.

"He's tied in the championships, he's won more races, he's got a lot more pole positions."

Hamilton broke Schumacher's record of 92 victories with his 91nd victory in Portugal last month.

Vettel said Sunday’s race on a wet and slippery track that caught a multitude of drivers unprepared would be proof of Hamilton’s extraordinary talent.

“Probably if we’re being honest it wasn’t his race to win, and he still won,” said the German, who is leaving Ferrari at the end of the year.

"Once again he managed to get something special out of that bag, and therefore, I think he deserves everything he has achieved."

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  1. F1puls Portal Sarma Donator Show

    Seb is one big gentleman…


    • I'm really interested in who would give you a minus for this comment….


      • F1puls Portal Sarma Donator Show

        As if it matters, if you're really interested - Alonso fans 🤔😉


        • I am a fan of Alonso but this would never have occurred to me… Seb is currently the voice of reason in this farce from the organization…


      • Now he's acting like a gentleman. Let's rewind a little.
        He caught my eye on Multi21 and was a grumpy brat at the time.
        That was enough proof to me of his character, also another example of the slogan: win however you know without regard to means. Everything that sports should not be, and there is more and more of that (looking at all sports).
        One should win by following the rules (in this case the team, as Webber did), die for the team and the team, while being honest and respecting fair play.
        Winning is important yes, but you know what is even more important:
        Victory with a clean cheek :)


        • David Croft Ferrari Show

          He caught my eye on Multi21 and was a grumpy brat at the time

          Your nickname is "Realista" and you don't even know the story about the Multi 21 affair.

          This happened because Seb simply returned to Webber, who in Brazil in 2012 received a clear order (Webber was only 6th in the championship and that last race) to miss Vettel for the championship, and he ignored it and deliberately kept Vettel unnecessarily . And in the first round he closed it unnecessarily when he pressed it against the wall.

          I realize that someone may have animosity, but this is so shallow and easy to google that it's not true.

          Really cheap.


        • Few people today know what fair play is, like, for example, players play with their hands so that the ball does not enter the goal and then they still comment, everyone would do it, so they die for the team, bravo - zero points.
          Well, if I played in the World Cup final, I wouldn't do that.
          You are either better or you are worse.
          When they ask you how you won that medal, then you show the children what fair play means.
          By cons I see that there are few clean cheeks;)


        • Ayrton Senna cenki95 Show
          Schumi's reaction to the legendary commentSchumi's reaction to the legendary comment

          He cheers for Alonso, and lectures on victories with a clean cheek. Is there a greater irony?


        • Sebastian Vettel 5 Crash Donator Show

          @ cenki95
          Don't forget he hates Vettel 😁


    • Williams DoDo13 Show

      I totally agree with you


  2. Sebastian Vettel 5 Crash Donator Show

    He is certainly the greatest part of our era

    A colleague stared and snuck in.

    I think this was on the forum, somewhere I picked up a link from this statement, maybe I was missing ..

    Statement on the spot…
    Champion with respect for the champion ..


  3. Aston Martin JB005 Show

    If there were more comments like this (like Vettel's) towards LH on this portal, it would be great ..;) and not a constant negative ..; p


    • Michael Schumacher Boris_CRO Show

      The negative sells the newspaper, the negative brings the ratings, the negative brings the clicks and comments. If the news is positive people just need to see the headline and turn around. When something puts pressure on them then they will snap and write 150 comments.


  4. David Croft Ferrari Show

    It’s not like Lewis said the same thing about Vettel when he won the titles. Lewis and Alonso have already said everything.

    It’s easy to be a gentleman in victory, and it’s a whole other thing to be a gentleman in defeat. Seb showed that he was both.


    • Susie Wolff Har Kl Donator Show

      I don't know why the parallel with Lewis? And of course completely wrong.
      Lewis has pointed out many times that Vettel is a great champion.


      • Sebastian Vettel 5 Crash Donator Show

        While Vettel is invincible or while Lewis is invincible?


        • Susie Wolff Har Kl Donator Show

          While Vettel was winning.
          And that in one of the most dominant seasons in history.


        • Sebastian Vettel 5 Crash Donator Show

          I said, don't google .. When you're already there 👍


        • Susie Wolff Har Kl Donator Show

          In fact, I told you wrong.
          He said that both while Vettel was winning in his dominant season and while he was winning in his dominant season;)


        • Lewis Hamilton smr201 Show

          From 2013 on Twitter:
          “Good morning all. Read some of the stories / reports of my comments on Seb. Feel the need to clarify my thoughts. Seb is a great champion! ”
          “Not only that, he is a great human being who is funny and humble. Deserves all the success he is having! ”
          “I admire his dedication & ability to consistently perform without mistakes. This is the mark of a true champion ”, and:“ I’m just grateful I get to drive in an era with so many great drivers like him. God Bless & have an amazing day! ”


        • Sebastian Vettel 5 Pastor Show

          Good morning all. Read some of the stories / reports of my comments on Seb. Feel the need to clarify my thoughts…

          Classic Twitter draws, after the embarrassment in the media…


      • Sebastian Vettel The Best F1 Driver Show

        He emphasized the same for Vettel and Schumacher…

        I feel for the fans because I remember watching when Michael Schumacher was winning.

        I remember watching the start, going to sleep, then waking up when it ended because I already knew what would happen. I am pretty sure a lot of people were doing that today. At least in my family there were!

        At the time, he was emphasizing how Vettel puts F1 fans to sleep like Schumacher, and how like a kid falling asleep from boredom every time he watched him, his family too…

        Now he has briefly explained to us how MSC is his childhood hero… and you have to imitate your heroes.


        • Lewis Hamilton smr201 Show

          This referred to the statement that F1 is boring, and in the same interview he said the following:
          “He has driven well all year,” said the 28-year-old. “I’ve just looked at his points and he has had second, first, second, first all year. He's done the perfect job and he deserves it. ”
          It's just that the English media put the first statement in the headlines and not the second. How is that a draw when he made both statements at the same time?
          Well it doesn’t exclude each other. Just because he said F1 was boring doesn’t mean he was downplaying Vettel’s abilities.
          Vettel can be a great driver and at the same time make F1 boring.
          Just as most people are bored now doesn't mean Lewis is the same weaker driver.


        • David Croft Ferrari Show

          @ smr201

          Only Vettel's period was 120 times more interesting and tense than Hamilton's.

          At that time we had two seasons that went until the last race and not only among colleagues but with drivers from other teams.

          The period of Vettel and Hamilton in terms of curiosity is not comparable at all. It is significant on the side of the 2010-2013 era

          What, then, would this current era be if Vettel was “boring”? Utopia?


        • Lewis Hamilton smr201 Show

          No one disputes that, the point of my comment was that the period can be boring without diminishing the achievements of the driver who dominates that same period.