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Barrichello: Hamilton is better than Schumacher, and Alonso won’t have a problem coming back like Michael

Ante Vetma

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Former F1 driver Rubens Barrichello says Lewis Hamilton is in his opinion a better driver than Michael Schumacher. So he also gave an opinion on a topic that is current because Hamilton just equaled Schumacher’s record with seven world titles.

The number of wins and the number of pole positions has already been surpassed, and Hamilton is left with no significant record to break after next year.

“Is he better than Schumacher? I think so."

“I competed against both and was present in the earlier years of Hamilton’s career. But, yes, it's better. "

Barrichello also responded to a reporter's question about his thoughts on Fernando Alonso's return:

"Alonso did an interview that I didn't like doing, but he's a direct guy. They asked him directly what the chances were of what happened to Schumacher happening to him. He took a break for three years, and when he returned - it didn't go very well. Alonso replied that it would not happen to him. "

"He is definitely better prepared. He drives more F1 cars than Schumacher drove when he decided to return. He drives a go-kart almost every day and I don't expect anything to go wrong for Alonso. ”

"I don't know if he'll get back to the level he was before he retired."

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  1. Mclaren Fittipaldi Show

    “I competed against both and was present in the earlier years of Hamilton’s career. But, yes, it's better. "

    You may think so Barrichello, but you forgot one key factor in the assessment between these two drivers - the vast experience of anonymous forum users, Facebook commentators and keyboard warriors.

    Now they will explain to you how wrong you are and how much you don't know. ;)


    • Sebastian Vettel 5 Crash Donator Show

      You don't really like anything… An article about Lewis's new nonsense is not good because only negative things about him are extracted… An article about eating Rubens says that Lewis is better than Michael… Lack of ability to write a normal comment ..


    • After this, everything is clear. No more discussion.


    • Michael Schumacher Ante86 Show

      Lipi my I don't dispute the number of titles to Lewis Every cast Covik had crazy luck and eggs so he replaced McLaren with Merced! If by some chance, for example, Perez had the opportunity and luck to come to Mercedes, he would also be a multiple champion, but no matter, Lewis is a very good driver who matured and took 6 championship titles in super-dominant cars. he was a water carrier in a ferrari and couldn't match michael and that's what hurts there just wasn't enough talent or work ethic, even in my opinion he wasn't even a coultard class not to mention what else. The man had a couple of good races I remember the Hockenheimring when he started I think 16 and by changing conditions (rain) on dry tires I took the first victory I think, everything else was average


      • Jackie stewart veki66 Show

        he started on the 18th, it was a great race, he cried on the podium as a child, it was his first victory in his career, and in my opinion the best race of his career, he had a couple more solid races in Stewart and Jordan, and in Brawn Button beat….


    • So this is stated by one individual and the whole world should think so? Bravo, sit 1


  2. Alain Prost Alain Prost Show

    He did not forgive him for pushing against the wall.


  3. Felipe Massa Braziliscanec Masa Show

    Schumacher on appliances


  4. Brawn Gp F1 Zagorec Show
    Pirelli's reaction for a funny comment

    Whose opinion are we still waiting for?
    So let's add up the points and declare the winner😂😂


  5. Lewis Hamilton mariof1 Show

    Freedom of speech is more important than the fact that some commentator here found himself offended.


    • Ayrton Senna LR7 Show

      Milena, I agree, but as things stand on this portal, it is not desirable to write badly against MS and LH is commendable. Simply the vast majority of forum users here lean and you understand where.


      • No offense but from an objective point of view (I’m nobody’s fan) this portal is a Ferrari fan club and a gathering place for Hamilton haters. This is probably the only place on the web where 95% of people hate Hamilton and are Ferrari fans. I love the formula and I follow several other international portals, but as many as there are "armchairs of experts" here, ie Ferrari fanboys and Ham haters, there are not even 5% of them on all portals at all. So I concluded that this must be some “Ferrari fan club” where some frustrations are treated.


  6. Ferrari nelinjo Show
    Schumi's reaction to the legendary commentSchumi's reaction to the legendary comment

    Ronnie Osulliven:

    "It is difficult for me to determine Luis' place in the history of sports. I watched many aces, who had to come to great victories in extremely strong competition. On the other hand, you have Hamilton, who drives a formula that is one second faster than everyone else in a circle. The only one who is his serious rival is his club friend Botas, who is already satisfied with the second place at the beginning of the season ",

    "Imagine all the obstacles Roger Federer has to overcome to reach the Grand Slam title or Eliud Kipchoge, who has to run against the best in the world if he wants to win Olympic or world gold. "Hamilton has such a dominant machine that he can drive with a cigar in his mouth and he will surely triumph."

    O Sullivan eventually put his sport into the story.

    "I certainly wouldn't feel good if I beat a rival so that the holes on the table are bigger for me than for my rivals. In the final analysis, in snooker, we all have the same conditions, the same sticks, and none of us chooses who will be his opponent ", concluded O Sullivan.

    GOAT Ronnie Osullivan :)


  7. Fernando Alonso Alen Šmit Show

    I don't know how "serious" f1 followers and fans and even insiders FORGET about Michael's accident with a 2009 motorcycle that PERMANENTLY DAMAGED his vertebrae. JESUS ​​BRE more. I apologize for this attitude but I have to defend the great Kaiser. Yes yes, the biggest Alonso defender is defending Schumacher ♥


  8. Fernando Alonso Mr.Spaceguy Donator Show

    For Barrichello, Rosberg is also better than Schumacher: chill:


  9. Ferrari Boris_CRO Show

    Old fox Vetma knows what will attract clicks. The greater the emotion the more comments.


  10. Niki Lauda wapi Donator Show

    Everyone has their own glasses. To him, Schu was a thorn in the side, although if he hadn't been sitting in that Ferrari, he probably wouldn't have had so few victories. There was Ross’s hogwash towards him, but objectively he wasn’t even nearly as capable as MSC or BUT.


    • Fernando Alonso Alen Šmit Show

      Just like Bottas, ordinary mid-order magicians. I would dare say that Perez is in that club as well. I don't think it's a bad thing, so I want Bottas to leave Mercedes as soon as possible. The psyche will go to him (beep), no one will want him. Someone else will dominate him like Button did to Barrichello (if he goes to some F1.5 team).


  11. Pastor Maldonado vlado Donator Show

    I just watched Hamilton sprinkle Putin with champagne a couple of years ago.
    And I can’t help but get the impression that he’s, to put it mildly, stupid.
    Plus all this revolving around him this year.
    It’s not that I have any problem with what he stands for.
    But something frightens me about him, who projects himself as righteous and who represents the "oppressed".

    MS for him is something he will never achieve, no matter the number of titles, wins Etc. Neither does his idol.
    Awesome driver, nothing. And that's something that should have stayed about him. No more than that, I think.


  12. Mclaren raca Show

    Rubens Dumbens. Needless to comment on anything more than this


  13. Sergio Perez Ibarac00 Donator Show

    Bottas would name this guy, frustration.


    • Niki Lauda wapi Donator Show

      Ma Bottas is no better - well, someone wrote above - mid-order wizards. If they are put in a top-notch car it is enough for a constructor’s title and the main star won’t be overly axed. Just enough.

      If you don’t cheer for that team then you get a little sorry for them when you see them being banged on the head regularly.


  14. Michael Schumacher Slavenowsky Donator Show

    Rainy Hockenheim, that's how Rubens will remember you, and later you were just plain lazy.