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Hamilton: Now I understand what role Schumacher played in Mercedes

Mario Brezovečki

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Lewis Hamilton says he has now realized the key impact that Formula 1 champions like Michael Schumacher have been pushing their teams forward since their arrival at Mercedes.

Hamilton has just equaled Schumacher’s record of seven world titles and now also holds the records for most wins and most pole positions in F1 history.

But while his latest triumph still hasn’t silenced those who suggest he wins just because he has the best car, Hamilton says even he didn’t fully realize how big a role drivers must play in car development before joining his current team as Schumacher's replacement.

Hamilton says his eyes have opened up in the meantime about what role his predecessor Schumacher played in the team, and he says it’s something they don’t appreciate outside of the sport.

“When it comes to helping with car development, it’s something I think drivers - and as I get closer to where Michael was - I never fully understood. It's hard for some to start in F1, it's hard for young drivers to fully understand what Michael was doing, what I'm doing on this team. "


“They’ll just see that we have a good car, just see that Michael had a good car, but I’m here now, I understand what Michael was doing with the team, or maybe what he could have done with this team. I'm sure it's similar to what I had to do. "

“You know, you have to be the helm. You have this powerful group of intelligent, passionate people and of course you have a team leader who is the main helm. But when it comes to development, how to get a car to go further and work with driver characteristics is my job and I would say I’m definitely very, very proud of that. Unfortunately, people don't see it all in the background. "

In a broad interview referring to his 2020 championship, Hamilton said this season felt like a step above the previous one.

“It definitely seems like the most comprehensive highest level I’ve been to, yes. It’s a natural progression, of course. You can't always get it right. ”


“This year we had more time to focus on areas of weakness and I would say that last year the races were strong, the qualifiers were not so great and I entered this season trying to make sure I keep my strengths but work on weaknesses. By improving my qualifications I managed to improve the races as well, which was a bit of a surprise. I didn't expect that. "

But Hamilton still thinks there is room for further improvement in the future, as he reckons it is easiest to simply let his standards fall.

“For any athlete who is at the peak of his form, you could always say that it will be difficult to raise the bar. It is easiest to let it slip. But none of this is new to me. ”


“I know what I need to do to get myself in the right space both in my head and physically in the right place. I don’t actually see a problem with maintaining consistency, but these are much smaller steps in terms of raising the bar. I don’t really know if it could be better. For example, the races are super strong. But there are still elements that could be better. But not everything is easy to improve. ”

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  1. Marlboro Hey You Show

    It is only in 20, 30 years that we will all know, and especially those of us who do not tolerate and love him, how great this driver is and how great he is, what a huge thing he has done.

    Personally, I will always say and Alonso is better to me as a set driver than Lewis. Senna too. Schumi was to me the same as Lewis, top notch, but I never put up with him, I didn’t love him. But now, 10 years later, I am slowly realizing what Michael has achieved and accomplished.

    I hope that these couple of young men, primarily Max, whom I can't stand and don't like, and Leclerc, who I like very much, will be able to get close to these achievements of Lewis and Michael.


    • I agree. I didn't like Schumacher in Ferrari for some stupid reasons either, and the same thing happened to me with Hamilton, especially since Alonso no. 1 (especially after Ferrari and recent seasons at McLaren).
      Someone recently wrote a super column about Hamilton where it was mentioned that he sharpened it to the end after he got burned in 2016. And that’s it, a huge human factor (his factor) in this kind of dominance. Both Nico and Bottas have been off the podium in a lot of races in a car that is said to be Hamilton winning just because of it. Not to mention the attacks on Vettel on the track when he was in a position to threaten him for the title.
      A similar thing is with LeBron. So much hatred for a man who has dedicated his entire existence to basketball. He breaks records in all segments of the game. Total zen phase of commitment to sports. If he wins another title and welcomes his son in the same team, for me he is a GOAT even though MJ is sacred to me. Same thing with Ronaldo still not to mention.
      The problem is social networks where haters are concentrated, and most others do not write anything or come to the fore.

      My message to everyone, enjoy making history. One day the younger generations will brag to you about this period and they will envy you.


    • zd1400rt… ”Both Nico and Bottas spent a lot of races off the podium in a car that Hamilton is said to win just because of him. ”Of course you're right just .. to look / check better what I'm quoting, and it's related to the Rosberg;) NR is for Mercedes in the turbo era (meaning this one in which LH dominates, and according to you it has nothing to do with the car no?) drove 59 races and achieved 48 podiums. when it is known that in the period 2014-2016 there are 5 withdrawals, what result do we get? NR is in the turbo era of Mercedes with which LH dominates only 6 X "misses" climbing the podium, and that is somehow contrary to what you wrote, and what I quoted at the beginning of the reply;) for your information in the same period in 2014. - 2016. LH was on the podium was 50 X, ie there are only 2 podiums more than NR (one giving up more than NR) so if this is yours as NR was off the podium in a lot of races then LH was a lot of races off the podium and 3 season while NR was his colleague. do you know how many podiums NR has before the turbo era? 11, LH 54 with the proviso that williams who drives a rosberg with a cosworth and toyota engine was not competitive, nor was the mercedes NR before the turbo era towards McL who drives a lewis. in 6 seasons McL lewis achieved 49 podiums, and in only 3 seasons turbo mercedes 50 podiums… really, obviously the results have nothing to do with the car that LH drives as you wrote well :) :) :) the problem of social networks can be haters but also those who think that no one will check the balls for the kidneys that in this case you with the claim that NR was many times off the podium in the same car as LH are trying to sell. btw from 2014 to the end of 2016 from 59 races LH and NR achieved 51 victories, the other 9 (OK, in 2016 there were 10 teams with a mercedes on the grid… manor) teams TOGETHER in those 3 seasons achieved 8 victories!?! ? indeed, obviously not everything is in the car because the competition is really equal to the Mercedes and you have to be a master to fight such vicious competition… in 70 years F 1 this is the unprecedented dominance of one car, and what would it be like instead of the UK in another mercedesu osta NR? perhaps F 1 would no longer even exist because everyone would be in such a depression that they would completely abandon F 1 realizing that mercedes / borg makes any resistance futile.


  2. Lando Norris Zola Show

    Vomit Vomit. I fill the basin as I read this without misery


  3. He says the races are super strong. Is he talking about F1 or?


  4. Pirelli Hypersoft Einspritz7 Show

    That said, it reaffirms that the driver also has a great influence on the development of the car, so those who constantly say how easy it is when he has a dominant car should think, so that everyone wins if he is in his place, etc.


  5. Blue Flag dFixxx3r Show

    is is. others said that he built a team. they don't say that about Louis. only he speaks for himself. said enough