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Guest column: Why do cars look like formulas?

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Because there are such rules, it is clear.
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We’re kidding a bit, the shape of the F1 car has its roots somewhere.
Let's get off the carriage behind the horse-drawn carriage.

The carriage is harnessed with two rows of stable cattle,
therefore the roads, and thus the cars, are of a certain width.
That width of space for two people offers.
Horses retire, but roads and people remain the same.
In early cars the front wheels were out,
eventually covered by fenders.

The nose of the car is narrow and then goes wider and wider to the cab.
The car is longer because it needs space for a large displacement engine.
There was a revolution between the two world wars:
Racing cars enter the big door.
Now everything becomes clear, no more confusion,
from now on there are normal cars and they are just for racing.
The shape will remain similar to an Indian boat for a long time:
body narrower than axle and radiator on bow.
Who has a very lush imagination
see that this form has also experienced the present semi-current.
The first racing cars were monsters in length and height
for this we blame huge engines ridiculous in volume.

At that time, the opposite rules were in force:
the car must not be too heavy on the vase.
Two factors led to a gradual reduction in size:
more advanced engines and artificial tracks that have curves.
The first season of F1 welcomed such cars in the shape of a cigar.
Development was slow, racers winning were years old.
The real revolution of the late fifties arrives:
the driver has no gimbal between his legs so he can sit lower.

This is due to the engine moving behind the pilot,
to this day, this concept is on the trail.
The next revolution was
When the cars got wings.
There was no sure place to hang the wings,
but thrust is essential for both front and rear wheels.
By the end of the sixties
the front wing is still bothered by the cooler.

"Side-pod" on the sides of the car puts Chapman Collin.
The radiator should be close to the engine - others salt their brains.
Just around that time
the air intake comes to the driver above the scalp.
"Airbox" should be as much as possible
that the engine breathes fresh air.
Practically already in the seventies we have the right formulas:
tubs with holes on the sides and above the head.

In the XNUMXs, we see the return of this concept
after the cars swell in the XNUMXs due to the ground-effect.
The only detail that remains
is a high nose that gives aero-benefits.

We came to today's car.
Everything makes sense - nothing is taken off.
Radiator openings protect the driver if someone touches him from the side,
and engine suction in case it bleeds.
The head is guarded by a little more so-called "hello".

Brazilian Mass

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  1. Charles Leclerc 16 Domach Show

    The cardan shaft between the legs is still in the shower and the size is debatable.


  2. David Croft Frantic Donator Show

    This is great: klanjam:: klanjam:: beer:


  3. Niki Lauda wapi Donator Show

    Bravo! Master!

    Speaking of roads, why are we driving on the right?


    • Felipe Massa Braziliscanec Masa Show

      After a cursory consultation of the internet, I found the following explanation:
      In the Roman Empire, horses moved on the LEFT side of the road because it has benefits for right-handers who make up the majority of the population (a horse can be ridden on the outside of the road).
      It remained so until Napoleon conquered most of Europe and said, "Now I am the boss and now I will determine that everyone moves on the RIGHT side!"
      Since the whole of Europe was under Napoleon except England, the British said to him in defiance of "E je ** se Napoleon, we will just stay the old way in spite of you!".


      • Niki Lauda wapi Donator Show

        I have heard a similar story alone without a specific Napoleon. And that the French decided on the right to be the opposite of the greatest rivals of the English. And everyone else on this side of the canal then followed the French.

        In fact, it can be seen that many were originally “English” and later became “French”… .. But I am not really our argument for why someone switched to the right…. The left side makes more sense from this equestrian aspect.

        For example, Austro-Hungary was mostly "English", and then we switched to "French", and let's say Istria was "French" from the beginning… ..



        • This is how the car was first and then the carriage. In principle, the carriages transported important people and various valuables and money. The coachmen sat to the right and steered the carriage with their left hand so that their right hand would be free in the event of a robbery attack. That is, to be able to shoot with the right hand. After the carriage the railway arrived and she remained on the left. That's why they drove on the left side in America from the beginning. Afterwards, everyone except the English Empire shifted control, ie the steering wheel to the left. The exception is Japan. They still drive on the left side because the main constructor of their first railways was an Englishman. Btw great article 😁👍


  4. Fernando Alonso Alen Šmit Show

    Because of things like this, I pay for the internet, I don't regret a single penny (money). Congratulations to the author!


  5. Ferrari HotWheels Show

    Well done! Great column :)


  6. Fernando Alonso Mr.Spaceguy Donator Show

    Super column: thumbs:. I can tell you that you draw better than me: chill:


  7. Mclaren AlkY Donator Show

    Drawing simple but very understandable: D.
    And the column is top! : D


  8. Susie Wolff Har Kl Donator Show

    Congratulations. Very unusual and refreshing column: thumbs:


  9. Robert Kubica Stipe Show

    fun :), I wonder who drew the illustrations? and they are great to me


  10. Honda zekohonda Donator Show

    this is wonderful, every part! fun, educational.
    I immediately discounted Napier Railton. ;)


  11. David Croft Ferrari Show

    Perhaps the best guest column so far! That is why this is the best F1 portal in this area, but also beyond!