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Vettel: I have been in the car for another 3 to 7 years

Tomislav Tkalčević

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Sebastian Vettel has admitted that his career is on the way to retirement. He thus joined Lewis Hamilton, who after winning his seventh world title said he would not race in his 40s as Kimi Raikkonen.

"I'm 33 now, I'll be on the track for three more, and I certainly don't want to race at 40. So, when you judge that, I have three to seven years left in Formula 1."

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel, who is a four-time world champion and the fifth most trophy-winning driver of all time, expects the next few seasons to be better than this one, his last behind the wheel of a Ferrari. He said that he is currently most motivated by his move to a new project - Aston Martin.

"I haven't done the best job this season, and relations with the team are not the easiest either. I also admit that I doubted my own abilities. I haven’t been anywhere this year and relationships with the team aren’t the easiest. The love affair is over, but I am still motivated. ”

“I still expect a lot from the remaining races, and I think the new project with Aston Martin opens up a lot of possibilities. We will not achieve success quickly, but I am sure it will be a completely different mood and a new goal - to help the team progress. "

Sebastian Vettel

Otmar Szafnauer, Vettel’s new boss from next season, said his team is looking forward to having a champion in their ranks following the rebranding of Racing Point at Aston Martin.

"His methods, his processes, his techniques - we're curious about all this."

"I guess we've already done 90%, but that remaining 10% will take us to a whole new level."

Otmar Szafnauer

The reason for the impatience is Vettel’s current contract with Ferrari and Otmar and Racing Point, as the Aston Martin will have to wait a little longer.

"Vettel has a contract with Ferrari until January and we didn't ask if they might have released him a little earlier for us."

Otmar Szafnauer

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  1. Go, go, go Vettel… I support him but I need to be honest the last 2 years are for oblivion… Amo reset and move forward… Amoooo vettel…


      • 2018 was ok, if Vettel had a car like to Singapore it would be hairy by the end. He failed with the German and later due to the impossibility of the car. But that year he still drove ok.


        • He made mistakes before Germany, you could have won the title that year, and what you're saying is what Vettel's fans are saying, without insult. We could see the splendor of his abilities in 2019 and 2020, but as I said, there is always an excuse for him.
          And I'm looking forward to it at Aston Martin, because if he drives like he has so far, he won't stay the three years he mentions.


        • Am I a Vettel fan now? He canceled some races but the difference in cars after Singapore was too big. He hooked Baku with that move, France, Germany and Japan when it was late. All of this would still be achievable if the car hadn’t been drastically slower after Singapore. If he drove a perfect season without a mistake maybe the title would be achievable but which of them drives a whole year without a single mistake?


        • Marlboro Hey You Show

          Alonso. Hamilton. There are those who drive without a mistake, don't worry. Vettel is an overhyped driver with at least 2 if not all 4 random titles.


        • With due respect to Alonso (whose fan I was for many years) and Hamilton, they are wrong too. Do not worry. Only the comfort of a fast car is not understood by some. It’s not the same to throw yourself on your head because you know the title is slipping out of your hands and driving so you know if you fail today that you’ll probably be on the sidelines for the next couple of races. For Ferrari to succeed in 2018, Merc had to have some bad luck or breakdowns. Thus, given the lag after Singapore, all that has happened is Vettel's attempts at something impossible. In 2018 he drove quite ok and most of the season was better. Had Ferrari kept his form I believe he would have taken the title that year. But no driver can do more than the car provides. I would describe the last two years like this, 2019 good considering the car this year very bad and unmotivated.


  2. Lando Norris Zola Show

    Just enough to take off lewis by championship number hahaha small hall. He would love for that to happen but I think that’s it from him. I look forward to next year. I wonder if he forgot to drive or if he didn't rot in the Ferrari


  3. Ayrton Senna LR7 Show

    The other day I wrote that he delights in his maturity and bears the titles of 4th professional champion with dignity, but it still reminds me incredibly of Alonso's copy-paste from that call in Ferrari to looking for a project that might give him a competitive car to fight. this can be seen in him as well as in FA, whose faith has obviously not left him..It is admirable for both of them !!!


  4. Realistically, who would want more? You have everything, money, fame, whatever you want. And for you, life is flying from track to track.
    They have to enjoy a little bit of what they have done in their careers.


  5. Just up to 10 titles and pensions 😁


  6. Lewis Hamilton mariof1 Show

    "I haven't done the best job this season, and relations with the team are not the easiest either. The love affair is over, but I am still motivated. ”


    , “This season has been very difficult and, I admit, I also had doubts about my abilities. I have been nowhere this year and relations with the team are not the easiest. The love story is over but I remain motivated. ”
    Omitted “I admit, I also had doubts about my abilities.”

    So much attention is paid here to the details of what to omit from certain drivers in order to maintain the theme of the entire portal.


  7. Daddy Stroll looks like Flavio to me. Take, use, throw. He needs Vettel for the experience to put together a team and a car. Vettel will not be able to fight Lance like he did with Leclerc and be stubborn in stupid ways. That's if Lace manages to tell him on the track. Turkey has shown that a character falls apart when he can't do it.
    In any case, the Aston Martin and Vettel project is very interesting to me and it will make the next season even more interesting in addition to all the transfers and the return of Alonso to Alpine.
    And as for Vettel's statement, I'm giving him a top 3 years, if he doesn't lose his will earlier. He would like to prove the opposite, but what he is doing now at Ferrari and as he escaped from Red Bull… leaves a very bad impression on me.


    • Sergio Perez Ibarac00 Donator Show

      The project is super interesting. On many levels, but it has a fundamental error.
      They are driven by drivers who came here by political line, not performance.
      Maybe Vettel will turn his career back on an upward trajectory, he showed that he can now in Turkey, but he has done it this season maybe 2 times, the rest of the trumpet.
      Lance has some raw speed, he is strong in the rain, he starts smart, he stays away from problems, I think he has perspectives in it. In any case, an interesting project.


    • zd1400rt… what an “analysis”, excellent. comparison of flavia and lawrence - and also maybe only some "rejecters" are missing, they are not listed;) for example marko who threw kvyata in favor of max pa gaslya because of albon. when I'm already at RB, I liked reading this .. "what he's doing now in Ferrari and how he escaped from Red Bull…" maybe before this
      statements should know internal relations in RB? yes, he escapes from RB because of ricciardo, and ricciardo escapes to renault because of max? could this also be placed in the context of escape? or the departure of NR from F 1? so then, for example, the sudden departure of MS from Ferrari and F 1… due to chemistry? rejection of chemistry which is therefore not a "complete" complete contract. rejection of alons for self, heidfelad for bruna senna. we could include wehrlein in the "rejection" because leclerc came to sauber, "wepa" wehrlein, and ericsson remained much worse. the above examples show that they “throw” others, that this is not the “privilege” of the mentioned flavias and lawrences, and that F 1 teams are not charitable associations. if they realize, they think (sometimes wrongly) that they can profit better with some newly engaged instant forget the merits of the one they “throw away after use”. an example could be kimi… she won the title in 2007, in 2009 she drove over kur * a for more than half a season (kimi 10 & massa 22 points) and was “thrown” before the end of the contract.
      I admit that in this "analysis" this is not very clear to me "Vettel will not be able to fight with Lance as with Leclerc and STUPIDITY IN STUPID WAYS" at least if one (or more of them?) examples are given. and this "Turkey has shown that a character falls apart when he can't do it." does this apply to LS? if you ask yourself how it came about that it stopped going "by hand", that it started to fall apart only after changing the tires (which he complained about after a few laps), and until then it was solid, consistent, everything went well for him. out of the first 35 drivers, 32 laps, after changing the tires, it went to P 2, which was very bad, and then it started to "fall apart", didn't it? or a set of tires was put on the cock (this has happened to drivers before) and immediately after leaving the box, the graning of these tires began. so 3 more seasons will "last", and maybe less because of the possible loss of will… according to you :) when he does not lose his will after a season like this (indicator Turkey) he may not lose his will until the end of his career, until he concludes that it is enough; )


  8. Alain Prost Alain Prost Show

    "The love affair is over, but I'm still motivated."

    As I wrote yesterday, I believe he knows what he is doing and will be good.