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Hulkenberg says things are very quiet in terms of chances for a spot at Red Bull

Katarina Predovan

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After a somewhat unsuccessful season at Red Bull for Alex Albon, potential candidates mentioned as a replacement for his driving position are Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg. Hulkenberg was a recent guest on Red Bull's Servus TV channel and joked that the only thing he has signed lately is a new mortgage agreement, adding that the stories have slowed down a bit.

"Of course I hope for a good return in the future, but there is nothing else to say. It's very, very quiet right now. "

"The statements have calmed down a bit and I think it will be some time before everything is finally clear."

Nico Hulkenberg

Hulkenberg was mentioned as the future driver of Racing Point, but such rumors were silenced after the news that Sebastian Vettel would come to that driving position. Nico says that he is in contact with a lot of teams and that things are going at a slow pace.

“The stones have already fallen for many teams. The cards are laid out. I had my two [racing] opportunities and I used them as best I could. ”

"I'm not actively involved now anyway, but of course I'm in contact with people who are important. But not every week, not every day. ”

Nico Hulkenberg

When asked when he expects the decision to be made, Hulkenberg said that he is waiting for the decision to "come to him" and that he is quite relaxed because things are not exclusively in his hands anyway. He added that he is in a state of readiness and that he hopes and at the same time looks forward to returning.

"The last two last minute calls happened, it was super spontaneous."

"Of course I can't guess and I don't expect anything to happen every weekend. But of course, it can happen. We know for ourselves how unpredictable the situation is at the moment. So I just have to be in shape and be ready. I do that too. ”

Nico Hulkenberg

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  1. I think nothing of the Hulk unfortunately, I think Perez will take his place if he looks for drivers outside his yard


  2. Jim Clark Vettel-Ferrari Donator Show

    I’d love to see the Hulk back, but I’m increasingly of the opinion that Perez is a stronger reinforcement for them and just what they need.
    It will be a real disaster if both of them are not in F1 next season…


    • Jim Clark Vettel-Ferrari Donator Show

      EDIT: I didn’t express myself well in the last sentence, and the time to correct has expired.

      * It will be a real disaster if neither of them is in F1 next season…

      Maybe this sentence isn't written the best, I'm not sure anymore: mrgreen:


    • Williams Montoya Show

      They will probably stay Albon, not to admit that the school has failed them


      • Sebastian Vettel 5 Pastor Show

        Their school definitely didn’t fail. She is convincingly the best of all. Mercedes had inserted a couple of drivers earlier, but failed to keep them. Now they have Ocon and Russell. Ocon could turn out for performance. Russell was already questioned for next year, due to a lack of sponsors. Ferrari has one or two. Giovinazzi is still there, mostly because of his citizenship. Luckily, they will have that place in Sauber in the next few years to add someone new (or continue to keep Giovinazzi…). And they’ll probably put Mick in Haas in the next few years, too. Renault did not insert anyone. They have several talents on hold, and the wait will continue because of Alonso. None of those on hold are French, so if Ocon fails, his replacement could be Gasly (Red Bull driver for Mercedes driver).
        And Red Bull, in addition to filling 4 seats in their cars, also drives several other drivers who came from their school. And most of them have a safe place in the future. Sainz, Ricciardo, Vettel… And Gasly if he goes into competition, he will replace him with a driver from his school (Tsunoda, Vips).


      • Honda zekohonda Donator Show

        i would agree that she failed when they set out to take out hartley, kvyata, albona - all the drivers they crossed with were.
        since the departure of ricci they have no driver who can approach max.
        so all that with ticktu, o'ward… wandering fiercer.


        • Sebastian Vettel 5 Pastor Show

          It used to have dried up with great talent, but they still keep four from their school, and three more on other teams. Other or greater talents than the aforementioned Hartly, Albon and Kvyat failed to insert or retain in F1…


  3. Brawn Gp F1 Zagorec Show

    I can't agree with the word "a little" from the first sentence of this article!