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Puls2020: Filipic managed to defend himself from Franky for the second victory in Japan [poll]

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After a great first race in Bahrain, a week later the virtual team moved to Japan where they competed on an extremely demanding track.

In the qualifiers, he was again the fastest ifilipic17, and his advantage of as much as 4 tenths over FrankyPi suggested that he could go a long way in the race and drive alone at the top of the standings. Fortunately, that turned out to be wrong.

Behind Franky was Mario who reached the podium in Bahrain last week, and then miljevic1, xEmperor, Djotunovic, Almighty, Darrian Alfy, Meks and the top 10 closed Dux.

We saw a lot less overtaking in the race than in Bahrain, but there were a lot of close encounters along the standings. The most interesting thing was happening at the top though. Franky now showed a much better race pace than it looked in the qualifiers, so Filipic was in the DRS zone for almost the entire race. He tried to attack several times, but failed. Additional charm was added by the information of insider Prof. Softić, who said that Filipić had two warnings and drove most of the race under great threat to once again cross the boundaries of the track with all 4 wheels and thus earn a penalty of 3 seconds at the final time. That would have launched him behind Franky in the finish, but Filipić managed to take it all the way to the end. FrankyPi also tried to go to boxing earlier, but the undercut didn't work either, because on the way back he got a little stuck behind Mex and Filipić neatly changed his tires in the next lap and came back in front of him.

Today on the podium was miljevic1 who drove a relatively calm race with a nice undercut xEmperora and Marija, and the accident was finally avoided by Darrian Alfy who started from 8th position and eventually came close to the podium. Mario cannot be satisfied because he entered the finish line from the third starting position only as the sixth, and Djotunović finished ahead of him.

The race passed without major incidents, and even earlier we were left without Dux who twisted and without Marigam. The next race runs in a week at 15 p.m.

You can watch the whole race on our YouTube channel - here.


DriverTeamQualificationsFor the rest
1ifilipic17 *Mercedes1/
3miljevic1Alfa Romeo414.970
4Darrian AlfyAlphaTauri80.360
5Luka DjotunovicRenault65.070
9MexRed Bull92.422
11RazoRRed Bull1320.641
12RoyalMaroAlfa Romeo111.566
17DuxRacing Point10DNF

* ifilipic17 made the fastest lap of the race.

Who was the driver of the day for the Japan GP?

  • DarrianAlfy (21%, 15 votes)
  • miljevic1 (11%, 8 votes)
  • FrenkyPi (21%, 15 votes)
  • ifilipic17 (46%, 33 votes)

Total votes: 71

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  1. Charles Leclerc 16 senna66 Donator Show

    Congratulations to Filipic.
    Great online race to relax after the actual race. Praise also for the commentary duo.


  2. Sebastian Vettel 5 dzalac Show

    Since I forgot that today’s race was at 11 a.m., it came in handy and disappeared like this


  3. Bernie Ecclestone Dani Donator Show

    Kudos to Filipic, but if Frenky really rides on the controller, then his rides are a step up from the results.


    • Mclaren kimi-f1 Show

      In some situations it is even better to be on the controller. They equalized the performance of the controller and the steering wheel in the game


    • Red Bull Maxi09 Show

      The only place where the steering wheel has an advantage is in Monaco. On other tracks it is there somewhere although some say the drop has a 3 to 4 tenths of an advantage over the steering wheel. The only guys who have the advantage at the wheel are esport drivers, and we saw that this may not be the case at one event where the driver on the fall was constantly driving in a second of esport drivers Marcel Keifer when everyone had the same setup.


    • Fernando Alonso FrankyPi Show

      Yes, I drive on a controller, a 10 year old Xbox 360 that barely works. Steering input sometimes fails if I don't pay attention to how I hold the analog stick. I'm trying to play with the new Xbox One, but for some reason I'm significantly slower on it, and I think it's due to a different feedback that is better with the 360 ​​than with the One, at least in this game on a competitive level.