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F1 Rearview Mirror: Bikijada in Istanbul Park

Ante Maras


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One of the few Tilke creations that all F1 fans love is finally returning to the Formula 1 calendar due to the absence of a large number of tracks due to the coronavirus pandemic. The track that last hosted Formula 1 back in 2011 in its short history has turned into a real modern classic that has always brought interesting races, and certainly the most famous symbol of this track is a long semicircular bend number 8 which seems to have no end and breaks the neck given the high speed and G forces reached through the bend. The last winner of this race was Sebastian Vettel, and the most trophy-winning driver on this track is Felipe Massa with 3 wins on this track. Despite the cries of the vast majority of fans to include tracks like this one, Portimao, Mugello or this year's wild card track, F1 decided to listen to "fans" from richer countries and host races on boring tracks in countries with the slogan #WeRaceAsOne they have connections like Biokovo and hiking in sandals on it. Certainly the most famous race that took place on this track took place in 2010, and at the same time it was the 800th race of the Ferrari Formula 1 Championship.

On the eve of this race, the 7th of the season, Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel were tied at the top with 78 points, while behind them was Fernando Alonso with 75 points, and Jenson Button was far from with 70 points. In the constructors ’standings Red Bull held the lead ahead of Ferrari and McLaren, while far away from them Mercedes and Renault battled for 4th place in the standings.

The first two free practice sessions were dominated by McLaren drivers, Hamilton in the first and Button in the second free practice. They were very close to Red Bull drivers, while Ferrari drivers showed poor form in free practice. In the third free practice, Vettel sat at the top of the standings, ahead of Rosberg, whose Mercedes showed changeable form in the free practice.

The qualifications consisted of three sessions, in the first the drivers from the last to the 18th position were eliminated, in the second from the 17th to the 11th place, and in the last one there was a fight for the pole position. Pole position, 3rd in a row, was achieved by Mark Webber from Red Bull, while 2nd place went to Lewis Hamilton in McLaren with 0.148 seconds worse time. The top 5 was closed by Vettel, Button and Schumacher. Ferrari, on the other hand, did not function properly, as Massa and Alonso only qualified for 8th and 12th place.

On the eve of the race, Di Grassi had his engine changed on his Virgin due to an oil pump problem, which caused him to start from the pit lane. The start went smoothly and Webber kept his lead. Lewis Hamilton experienced a wheel slip, causing him to lose position to Vettel, but regaining it after turn 3. A big fight was fought for 4th place between Schumacher and Button, but everyone kept their position. Soon the top five separated from the rest of the grid and led their race. Webber and Hamilton fought for first place in which Hamilton was constantly attacking, but Webber managed to keep him behind. Meanwhile, Alonso was slowly rising in the standings, overtaking De la Rosa and battling the aggressive Kobayashi in a BMW Sauber with a Ferrari engine. During lap 6, Webber, Hamilton and Vettel ruined each other’s fastest lap of the race, and during the first round of boxing entrances Alonso does an overcut over Kobayashi and passes him. Meanwhile, due to increased fuel consumption, McLaren drivers were forced to change engine modes to last until the end of the race. By the 18th round, the first boxing of all teams took place, especially the fight between McLaren and Red Bull who will change the tires first and get out in front, Hamilton or Webber, and the winner was Webber because McLaren had problems with mounting the left rear the tires. Button is the last to enter the box due to losing the flu in the back. During the next 20 or so rounds, there were fights for positions, but the order remained the same. The first excitement happens when Trulli gives up due to a hydraulic problem in lap 35, and his teammate Kovalainen due to a steering problem.

Additional uncertainty is brought about by the announcement of possible rain according to meteorological forecasts, but the moment that changed the course of the race took place in lap 40 when in turn 12 there was contact between the duo from Red Bull, in which Vettel pulled out the thick end. caused a flat tire and twisted and gave up the race. Webber also suffered slight damage to the front wing due to contact, which he replaced in the 43rd lap, and the duo from McLaren took the lead. Hamilton was ordered to save fuel and to drive carefully due to light rain. The same was ordered to Button who was behind Hamilton, but he was not told what time to drive because they felt Button would not want to overtake him. This turned out to be incorrect as Button overtook Hamilton in corner 12 in lap 48, but Hamilton soon regained the lead at the start-finish line and almost avoided contact with Button. Instructed by this event, Button was ordered to keep both tires and fuel until the end of the race, which is why Hamilton remained at the top of the race until the end and celebrated with 2,6 seconds ahead of Button, and was joined on the podium by Mark Webber in front of Schumacher at 4 place. Meanwhile, by the end of the race, the battle for 8th place was led by Petrov and Alonso, in which Alonso tried his best to beat Petrov in a Renault, but Petrov did not give up so easily. In the end, Petrov spent a lot of tires and Alonso passes him in turn number 3, which did not pass without contact, in which the thicker end is Petrov with a flat tire and goes for a new set of tires and finishes the race in 15th place.

Although many cite the start of the 2012 season as the most exciting and colorful in terms of winners, 2010 did not lag far behind in diversity as Hamilton in Turkey became the 5th winner in 7 races held so far that season. This race also heralded a big title fight and intolerance between two Red Bull teammates, Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, who will culminate at the UK Grand Prix that season. The first couple of races of the season promised an interesting championship, which eventually happened, as it brought us a title fight in the last race between 4 drivers, Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel who managed to win the title in the dramatic finale of the season in Abu Dhabi, which was remembered for the unsuccessful attempts of Fernando Alonso to overtake Vitali Petrov. Although many people cite the 2012 season as a modern classic, it is unfair to ignore the 2010 season, which brought us many beautiful moments.

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  1. Jackie stewart veki66 Show

    auuu only when I remember that… .every race Weber and Vetel on the knife… .in Turkey collision, so angry Weber wins in Silvesrston even though only Vetel got upgrades… .and at the end of the season finale… ..I was a fan of Weber…. Vetel had a chance only if he won and he depended on the result of Alonso and Weber… and in the end he deservedly took the title…. :-) and that Alonso got stuck behind that stump 1000 laps…


    • On that (Abu Dhabi) track it is almost impossible to prestige with the DRS, now imagine how difficult it is when there was no DRS.
      I would bet Red Bull sacrificed Webber by going to the pits for Ferrari to eat the bait, tackle two flies with one blow and Vettel lightly to the title. The Ferrari pit wall as usual bit the hook, swallowed to the end, and the rest is history.


      • Jackie stewart veki66 Show

        totally all the same… in my opinion DRS is generally nonsense… all the charm of racing has been killed… .it is pure artificial overtaking…. so that… .I will not be simple to be threatened again with expulsion from the portal… .but that… ..I am better for politics 4 rights of overtaking per race than 100 artificial….


  2. For us, "Bikijada" is slang for shame in the morning after a good party… :)