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Puls2020: Filipic takes victory after twisting FrankyPi in Ferrari, great race in Bahrain

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The first race of this tournament brought us great fights all over the grid. The driving selection seems to be excellent and we will enjoy great clean fights in the next four races.


Filipić is in the qualifications that lasted 18 minutes immediately set a great time 1: 25.0 which was then half a second faster than any other driver. However, Ferrari's FrankyPi is in second attempt expectedly approached within one tenth of a second. Filipić confirmed his great form with a new round where he got three more tenths and the pole position was decided.

Behind them, a great circle formed DarrianAlfy in AlphaTauri, and only half a tenth ahead of Djotunović in Renault. Behind them was a group of as many as 6 drivers with incredibly similar times. Miljević1, xEmperor, Almighty, Meks, Duy and Mario drove between 1: 25.414 and 1: 25.594, which closed the top 10. Much more was expected of Marija in the qualifiers, but he made up for it later in the race.

At the bottom of the standings were RoyalMaro, DarMaar, Mikadin, BEARman, RazoR, NiKra95, Marigam 3.0 and Rob1.


The start of the race immediately brought drama. In the formation circle Almighty is disqualified because of the contact with BEARman and because of that he made a mess after turning off the red lights. Namely, when the driver has contact in the formation circle - the game automatically transfers him to the starting point and then his tires are much colder without the formation circle than necessary for the start. Almighty thus initially lost control and twisted into a couple of other cars. Several drivers could not avoid the collision, so due to the fractures of the front wings, they had to box right at the beginning.

But the luck in the accident was that the safety car came out so going to the pits was not as expensive as it could have been. Another driver had an accident at the very beginning because he came in contact with xEmperor during SC, and that is DarrianAlfy. Darjan received a penalty of 5 seconds for that touch and decided to go to the pits for hard tires, serve the penalty immediately and try to hold out until the end of the race. His excellent qualifications were thus annulled and he returned only to the 13th position. For Darjan, this was not the end of the trouble because he failed to warm up the hard tires and as soon as the safety car left - he twisted and broke the front wing. However, despite a new trip to boxing, Darjan drove in a sporty spirit until the end of the race, on which he should be congratulated.

At the top, FrankyPi had a better start than Filipić and took the leading position in the first turn. But the 7th round brought us a tense fight for the first position. Filipić attacked in the first corner, and FrankyPi twisted his Ferrari while trying to defend the position. So he fell to the fifth position and later with good tactics and great pace he managed to return P2.

Mario redeemed himself for poor qualifications and also managed to finish on the podium with good tactics. The fourth was Dux, followed by Djotunović, Meks, Almighty, xEmperor, miljević1 and RoyalMaro.

All drivers should be commended for driving a clean race and without major incidents. All the fights were fierce, but they were all correct, so the overall impression was much better. Online racing has the biggest problem with drivers who do not have a sense of where the limit is possible and do not know how to give in to attack or miss in defense when that is the only possible outcome. In this case, no one applied Ferstappen's earlier maneuvers, but pushed each other to the edge without crossing it.

The next race is run in a week, and which track will be chosen will be announced on Friday at judge's office.

You can watch the whole race on our YouTube channel - here.

The results *

#DriverTeamQualificationsFor the rest
4.DuxRacing Point923.984
5.Luka DjotunovicRenault424.657
6.MexRed Bull825.327
9.miljevic1Alfa Romeo539.343
10.RoyalMaroAlfa Romeo1142.044
11.RazoRRed Bull1542.470
13.DarMaarWilliams12+ 1: 02.101
14.mikadinRenault13+ 1: 14.589
15.BEARmanHaas14+ 1: 16.036
16.Rob1McLaren18+ 1: 21.304
17.NiKra95AlphaTauri16+1 circle
DNFMarigam 3.0Williams17

* results may be affected by possible driver complaints.

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  1. Mclaren Fittipaldi Show

    It can't do without Mercedes - neither real nor virtual

    Congratulations Filipic!


  2. Sebastian Vettel 5 Crash Donator Show

    It's not that Ferrari twisted in a duel with Mercedes…


  3. Kaj is not Mario, not Marko. Never mind, Mario and Dux are my favorites, it was a pleasure to watch them.


  4. Jenson Button Lotus Show

    The Xemperor could have had a good race, but due to lap two too much on the softwares and a very aggressive miljevica ride (in my opinion even a little dirty) he ended up out of points


  5. Fernando Alonso 14 AlonsoForever Show

    Sorry, I'm not up to date, is this an F1 2020 Codemasters game? and only the one who bought it online on his personal computer can participate?


  6. Fernando Alonso FrankyPi Show

    I have nothing else to say, except - shit happens.


  7. Mclaren AlkY Donator Show

    Kudos to all the drivers on a pretty fair race.
    There were a lot of interesting situations: D.


  8. Michael Schumacher Boris_CRO Show

    As in reality the competition starts from the 4th position downwards.


  9. Here's a little work for the judges, just so they don't get bored: D:

    Colleague miljevic1 unfortunately in the defense of the position from Almighty jumped in the 1st turn and hit my car, which resulted in my damaged front wing ( https://ibb.co/nCVN0ZL ). At that point, I unfortunately lost the chance for a better placement.


  10. Ferrari dAr1o77 Show

    ifilipic won because he has DAS :)