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Presentation of drivers for the F1puls tournament: Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes

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In order to bring the main actors of our first esport tournament closer to the spectators, we will introduce you to each player in brief. After Williams, Haasa and Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri and Renault, McLaren and Racing Point - today we are closing the grid with drivers who will defend the colors of Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes!

The first race will take place this Sunday (November 8.11) at 15 pm with a live broadcast on the F1puls portal.

Red Bull

[39] RazoR

Player: RazoR
Racing number: 39
location: Vladicin Han, Serbia
Years: 25

The 25-year-old RazoR is a fan of Ayrton Senna, and among the active drivers and teams he cheers for Ricciardo and Vettel, respectively Ferrari and Renault. He’s modest about predictions and says he predicts a result outside the top 10. In one lap he’s not that impressive, but he’s always more agile in race conditions. Depending on the opponent, he can defend more aggressively, and in all this he always tries to avoid damage to the car. He is aware that he is not close to certain drivers in the Adria region, but he likes to race.

[88] Mex

Player: Mex
Racing number: 88
location: Daruvar, Croatia
Years: 32

Mex avoided all journalistic questions about driving style and weaknesses, but predicts a top 5 finish in the tournament. His times with which he entered the tournament testify that such a prediction is quite realistic. He speaks on the track, not off it. He singles out Michael Schumacher as his favorite driver, and among the active fans for Kimi Raikkonen. And he’s one of those who got old early because he cheers for Ferrari.


[28] Almighty

Player: Almighty
Racing number: 28
location: Slovenia
Years: 25

From Slovenia comes one of our favorites for the top 5 at the end of the tournament (and he modestly predicts the 5th position for himself) - a big Ferrari fan, especially if he is combined with a German, whether he is Schumacher or Vettel. He prefers one fast lap rather than a race, and points out overtaking and aggression as his strengths.

[37] FrankyPi

Player: FrankyPi
Racing number: 37
location: Solin, Croatia
Years: 21

Ferrari's line-up will be completed by another Solin man in the tournament - one of the actors in the most popular battle from last season of the Adria League [link]. Frane is always at the top, and I am aware of that because he announced that he will be among the top two drivers at the end of the tournament. But there are only five races and anything is possible so one collision and DNF can turn everything around. Franky is 21 years old, he supported Alonso and Schumacher, and his current drivers include Verstappen, Ricciardo and Leclerc. He says that he is sharp in the race, but always careful in overtaking and defense. He prefers rain to dry, and a 10-year-old semi-functional controller helps him with that.


[47] ifilipic17

Player: ifilipic17
Racing number: 47
location: Croatia (but marginal)
Years: 23

The worst enemy of the organizers of this tournament, unfortunately for all those who asked in the last month, still applied. Filipić is an esport version of Lewis Hamilton, so I defend the colors of Mercedes. He is an absolute favorite to win the title, but on his bad day there are drivers who can challenge him (it is said that FrankyPi, Meks and xEmperor spent hundreds of hours in the simulator practicing before the tournament), and all hope that the tournament consists of only 5 races and that's where anything can happen.

Filipic says his favorite driver ever is Sebastian Vettel, and he is currently rooting for Max Verstappen. His favorite team is Red Bull, and his biggest challenge in the game is the penalties, ie the extra seconds that the game shares when he often crosses the boundaries of the track with all four wheels. He predicts one of the top 3 positions.

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  1. Susie Wolff Har Kl Donator Show

    What is this? Toto Wolff is so confident in "Hamilton" that he sent "Bottas" to the rally?

    Good luck to all participants: thumbs: