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6 things we learned at the GP of Portugal

Ante Vetma


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1. Hamilton will go over 100

"What Lewis continually manages to accomplish like Hercules is an incredible reach for any sport and any athlete in history." - claims Martin Brundle. Lando Norris, on the other hand, is a little less enthusiastic and says Lewis ’car should win every weekend because it fights one or two drivers. Whichever option you are closer to - it is clear to everyone that the Mercedes League is for itself and I can only lose a race in extraordinary circumstances. Most of the other teams squeezed in a few tenths of a second, while in Mercedes they are so much smarter and more capable that they usually have a comfort zone of over half a second. In such a constellation of forces - it is no shock that Lewis came to the 92nd victory. There will be up to a hundred, and if Mercedes continues with this form for the next three or four seasons - it can reach 150.

Success must be valued because, although easier than others, it is not easy for anyone to achieve. However, the problem for everyone who follows F1 except its fans lies in the fact that the numbers are a little exciting. The record should be congratulated because it is not the man's fault that there is practically no competition, but we can probably agree that Lewis' talent would be much nicer to watch if he still has some competition. Any. This way - Hamilton knows that in the first round he can miss Sainz, Bottas, Verstappen; it can leak the entire grid until the tires warm up. Then in the next couple of laps he will return the positions back and come in second place, circle behind Bottas around the DRS distance and once he bypasses him - go to +20 by the end of the race. Hats off, congratulations, and good night.

2. Bottas can do nothing about it

It’s not Bottas ’problem that he lost the pole position, it’s not the problem that he made a mistake at the Eiffel Grand Prix and lost the lead. It's not even a problem that Hamilton overtook him on the track the day before yesterday. His biggest problem is that Lewis humiliated him. But no one believes that the Finn can threaten more seriously, and Hamilton is well aware of that. Moreover, when Bottas makes a good move - Hamilton praises him. As you praise your child once he pushes the ball through your legs.

While many think Bottas doesn’t care because he receives good money anyway and enjoys life, of course the athlete in him can’t stand such an unfolding of the situation. Too bad there is no choice. Or he’ll stay in a Mercedes, pick up another win in that second-class car, and on the record list he might get somewhere to Coulthard or Massa; or he will try his luck in another team. Having nine wins in three seasons with Mercedes (Nico Rosberg has only that many in 2016) - says it all.

3. Albon was fired from Red Bull for a reason

The likeable Alex Albon almost certainly drives his last kilometers in Formula 1. We looked with optimism at his future, hoping that he would show something when he moved from Toro Ross to Red Bull because in Formula 2 he was still hanging somewhere around Russell and Norris. , but it doesn't seem to be a reference. Albon has already gotten a leg from Red Bull once because they judged that the then 30-year-old was not the caliber for the highest scores, and now it turns out they were wrong. It is not a caliber for mediocre results either. So far, Max's bad luck or some safety car used to pull him out, so a lag of +40, + XNUMXs would look like that, bad. Now he is a full lap behind in the clean race, and that is no longer just bad…

4. Perez deserves a driver's seat in 2021.

Although Nico Hulkenberg is still one of the main candidates for the position of Red Bull, whispers among journalists say that the advantage is now on the side of Sergio Perez. He showed a great pace in the last race and from a convincing last place with a huge gap he managed to reach the 7th position in the finish, without a safety car. It's not very convenient that the fall to the rear caused a collision with the Red Bull car, but that can be forgotten. In difficult conditions on the new track, he saved what could be saved for Racing Point.

5. Racetracks, however, do not have to be tilkedromes

The star of the weekend is Lewis Hamilton, but it wouldn't be that if the atmosphere hadn't been created by a fantastic track in Portugal. For years we have been hearing that a lot of overtaking requires one direction of at least eight kilometers, after which a "hairpin" must be set. In addition, huge paved zones are unfortunately a necessity due to safety conditions. Furthermore, the width of the track in each part must be at least 8 meters in order to be able to line up half of the cars from the grid next to each other. Well, if Tilke paves the way under these conditions - we will see a bunch of overtaking and we will all be happy. It never occurred to anyone that fans don’t necessarily want to watch overtaking but fighting. Detours don't really interest anyone. Portugal is an old-school trail, just like Mugello, just like Imola. And look at the miracles - it provides good races. Who would say…

6. Gasly drives for a career

Pierre Gasly has spent almost as many laps in the lead this season as Red Bull. Okay, it’s not okay to put it that way, but it’s still interesting. In Portugal, he finished in fifth place, and deservedly so. He fought, attacked, overtook, gave up overtaking when needed, and placed the advertisement for his services quite high. Rumor has it that he could very easily travel Renault (Alpine) instead of Esteban Ocon, and reportedly even Ocon called Alain Prost to question him a bit to see if there was any truth in that. Prost replied to all this that he did not know who was spreading such things and as far as he was concerned - that he had heard Esteban Ocon go the way of Red Bull. It didn't sound likely to me, but after such a "deflection much?" Prosta's response - there may be something to it.

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  1. Bernie Ecclestone Dani Donator Show
    "Bono" reaction for repeating an irritating slogan

    Strange. Nothing about Vettel.


  2. Lewis Hamilton smr201 Show

    I think it's more likely that Albona will be returned to AT, and Kvyata will be given a leg. He was seen on the example of Gasly that one should not reject someone because of one bad season near Max. On the other hand, Kvyat showed nothing more about the end of Gasly, and Albon is much more interesting in terms of marketing.


  3. Sergio Perez Ibarac00 Donator Show

    Perez’s collision with Max was a gift.
    Softa got rid of it and showed what speed RP actually has. He made his way through the order too easily in the manners of Ferrari, Merca and Verstappen when they started from lower positions. But here’s RP decided to put him on S for the last 20 laps, which is rediculous to me.
    After that Renault does the same with the Ocon and they could see Perez struggling with the tires. And of course it deserves a place on the grid it is not generally disputed.


  4. Felipe Massa Braziliscanec Masa Show

    I can’t wait to see Lewis ’2025th win in 200.


  5. Williams Sinek Show

    you know that the trail is great when you can absorb the speed of the bend and the sick elevation on the boardboard, a real refreshment from the hippodromes where the calendar is otherwise crowded

    the bottas drove and enjoyed best while he was an underdog, everything after that is too much of a burden for him


  6. I fully share the opinion of the author of the column, I would not change a single letter.
    The trail in Portugal is fantastic and it is a pity that it will not remain in the calendar when this viral plague passes like other "natural" trails.


  7. Sebastian Vettel 5 battery992 Show

    As for slightly more experienced drivers, there is a chance that Perez is actually close to its peak performance at the moment, because as in other sports it is possible for someone to reach their peak in later years… So I hope RB will take it because they need it experience, and surely Perez will have a lot of motivation when he sits in a competitive car.

    As for Lewis, I don't think he'll stay long, even though I want him to stay… Because even though we've seen him break records, I think he still has so much to show because he's a brilliant driver, and he probably would have preferred to win in harder races…

    Bottas has a chance only if Hamilton has a lot of bad luck or a drastic drop in form, although he is fast, Lewis is simply better in the race, tactically and mentally he does it perfectly, and Mercedes as a team no longer wants a situation like with Rosberg, so Bottas can hardly there is something to be done in terms of the extreme fight against Lewis.

    Albon I think is a good driver, this situation from RB should not be so much a measure, because he also went through Gasly and see him now. It’s just not Albon for that spot in RB, he could go back to AT. And Kvjat got lost somehow but I hope he finds a place in F1 because he lies somewhere in it a great driver.