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Schumacher took the win in the main race, Ilott managed to take the podium for a two hundredth advantage over Ghiotto!

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Leading the championship, Mick Schumacher, took his second F2 victory on the track in Sochi. Behind him was Honda's junior Yuki Tsunoda, while Callum Ilott managed to keep the third position in the end, only two hundredths ahead of Luca Ghiotto.

Jehan Daruvala, although he started from the second position, could not do better than the fifth place. Jack Aitken reached the sixth position with the opposite strategy, while Nikita Mazepin and Guanyu Zhou, who will start the sprint race from the best position tomorrow, are behind him. The last points were taken by Marcus Armstrong and Dan Ticktum.

Tsunoda had a great start, while Schumacher passed right in front of Daruvala at the very beginning. But already in the first lap, a safety car came out on the track. In the middle of the standings, there was a touch by entering the second turn, where the thick end was pulled by Juri Vips, who twisted, and Christian Lundgaard. Both of them had to give up, so the Dane increased his lag behind the leaders in the championship by giving up. SC led for two laps, and the race continued in the third lap.

Of the leaders, Daruvala entered boxing first in the seventh lap, while Ghiotto managed to pass Aitken. Shortly after it, other leading drivers began to enter the pits to replace their supersoft tires with medium tires. Towards she went for a double stop, which hurt Schwartzman the most, while Ilott managed to get through the pits to Daruval.

Between new boxing entries, we saw a great fight between Aitken, Mazepin and Zhou. The Russian approached Aitken and tried to pass him in the second turn, but he went off the track using Zhou and managed to pass him. Then Zhou started the attack at the same spot a few laps later, which he even managed at one point, but went beyond the longest turn in the F1 calendar, and lost speed as he took advantage of Mazepin and thus found himself again in front of UNI Virtuous.

Ten laps before the end, the drivers who were to make the stop began to enter, and Schumacher immediately clung to Tsunodi by the rear end of the car. The German used the DRS and passed Tsunoda with a great move, which in the end proved to be a move to win.

Ilott also took advantage of the surprisingly poor pace of the Japanese, and broke into second place. And as the fight for the lead seemed to be going on between Schumacher and Ilotto, Tsunoda began to get closer to the Briton in second position. The Japanese found the right pace and with a great exit from the second turn and from the outside of the third turn he managed to pass Ilotta and sit in the second position.

But Ilotta doesn't have to worry about that. Ghiotto also started threatening and just a lap before the end he was in the British DRS zone. Entering the penultimate turn, the Italian was only two tenths of a lag behind, where Ilott briefly lost the car and the two entered the last turn practically side by side. But Ilott still managed, for the length of the front wing, to finish ahead of the Italians, which formed a gap of only two hundredths!

Felipe Drugovich and Roy Nissany also failed to finish today’s race. In addition to Lundgaard, Robert Schwartzman finished 11th, diminishing his chances in the fight for the title.

The sprint race is scheduled for tomorrow at 9:55!

Formula 2 driving schedule

The final order

Position#DriverTeamFor the rest
120 Mick Schumacher According to Powerteam 
27 Yuki Tsunoda Carlin6.300
34 Callum Ilott UNI Virtuosi9.400
425 Luca Ghiotto HitechGP9.500
58 Jehan Daruvala Carlin15.200
69 Jack Aitken Campos Racing22.100
724 Nikita Mazepin HitechGP23.100
83 Guanyu Zhou UNI Virtuosi25.300
95 Marcus Armstrong ART Grand Prix26.900
102 Dan Ticktum DAMS29.500
1121 Robert Shwartzman According to Powerteam35.500
1217 Jake Hughes HWA AG37.500
1323 Marino Sato Trident46.300
1414 Giuliano Alesi MP Motorsport48.000
1516 Artem Markelov HWA AG52.100
1610 Guilherme Samaia Campos Racing1'07.000
1712 Pedro Piquet Charouz Racing System1'08.700
1811 Louis Deletraz Charouz Racing System1'19.300
 22 Roy Nissany Trident 
 15 Felipe Drugovich MP Motorsport 
 6 Christian Lundgaard ART Grand Prix 
 1 Jury Vips DAMS

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    Bravo Mick, routine: thumbs:


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    He is still a little younger and the younger Schumi takes the title next year next to Kimmi in Alfa


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    Congratulations to Mick and Yuki.


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    Congratulations to the junior !! It will be interesting to follow the development and progress when it is known whose it is small..On the one hand the burden of the famous surname on his back and on the other many doors for the same surname will be open to him. assuming they deliver the same performance..It remains to be seen and listened to by the on-duty pastors ..


  5. I’m sorry Mick’s races can’t be tracked by Michael.