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A guide to the new Formula 2 season

Lovro Andraka


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For the third year in a row, Pulsmedia will follow the events from the world of Formula 2 - the new season starts this weekend at the same location as Formula 1, so in this article we will introduce you to all the important information related to it.


Since F2 is an accompanying category of F1, a complete calendar has not been published here either. What we have so far is identical to the F1 calendar - eight racing weekends on six European tracks. The F2 weekend format consists of a main and a sprint race, so so far we have 16 confirmed races - the original calendar had 12 weekends and 24 races.

Country Path Date
1 Austrija Red Bull Ring 3-5. July
2 Austrija Red Bull Ring 10-12. July
3 Hungary Hungaroring 17-19. July
4 Great Britain Silverstone July 31 - August 2
5 Great Britain Silverstone 7.-9. August
6 Španjolska Barcelona-Catalonia 14.-16. August
7 Belgija Spa-Francorchamps 28.-30. August
8 Italija Monza 4.-6. September
9 Italija Mugello 11.-13. September
10 Rusija Sochi 25.-27. September
11 Bahrain Bahrain Int. Circuit 27.-29. November
12 Bahrain Bahrain Int. Circuit (Outer) 4.-6. December

* calendar subsequently updated

Drivers and teams

From this season on the grid we will have one more team as the series has been joined by Hitech GP. There have been a number of driving changes - only Guanyu Zhou, Jack Aitken and Mick Schumacher have remained on the same team, and to them we can add Artyom Markelov, who drove for the last two weekends last season for Arden, which has been renamed HWA since this season.

Among the more important names on the grid are no longer champion Nyck de Vries, who according to the rules cannot defend the title and is now competing for Mercedes in Formula E, runner-up Nicholas Latifi, who was the only one from last season's generation to advance to F1 and will drive for Williams, and Sergio Sette Camara. was fourth in the championship last year and will now drive the Japanese Super Formula.

We have seven on the grid rookieja (R), or debutants, with drivers marked with an asterisk - Ticktum, Lundgaard and Sato - also driving their first full season, but making their debut in F2 earlier.

Team # Driver About the driver
DAMS 1 Sean Gelael Fifth full season in GP2 / F2, never better than 15th in the championship
2 Dan Ticktum * Two-time F3 GP Macau winner, Williams test driver
UNI-Virtuosi Racing 3 Guanyu Zhou F2 debutant of the year 2019, 5 podiums, total 7.
4 Callum Ilott Second full season in F2, 2 podiums 2019.
ART Grand Prix 5 Marcus Armstrong (R) F3 runner-up 2019
6 Christian Lundgaard * Sixth in F3 2019, debuted in F2 at the end of the season
Carlin 7 Yuki Tsunoda (R) Champion of Japan F4 2018, fourth in TRS 2020.
8 Jehan Daruvala (R) Third overall in F3 2019.
Campos Racing 9 Jack Aitken Season three, 2019 fifth with 3 wins, Williams reserve driver
10 Guilherme Samaia (R) 3 F2017 Brazilian Champion
Charouz Racing System 11 Louis Deletraz Season four, Haas test driver
12 Pedro Piquet (R) 2019 fifth in F3, son of Nelson Piquet
MP Motorsport 14 Nobuharu Matsushita Fifth season in GP2 / F2, 2019 sixth with 2 wins
15 Felipe Drugovich (R) Champion of Euroformula Open 2018.
BWT HWA Racelab 16 Artyom Markelov A veteran of the series, he is entering his sixth full season
17 Giuliano Alesi Last year 15, son of Jean Alesi
According to Racing 20 Mick Schumacher Last year 12th with one win, Michael’s son
21 Robert Schwartzman (R) F3 Champion 2019
Trident 22 Roy Nissany Williams test driver, returns after a one-year break
23 Marino Sato * Champion of the Euroformula Open 2019, drove 6 F2 races
Hitech Grand Prix 24 Nikita Mazepin Second season, third in the Asian F3 Championship 2019/20.
25 Luca Ghiotto Fifth season, last year a total of 3rd with 4 wins

Who to expect in the title fight?

First of all, we should mention the drivers who finished last season at the top, Luca Ghiotta and Jack Aitken. Ghiotto has a huge experience in F2, last season only de Vries and Latifi were ahead of him, and in the only pre-season test held in Bahrain, he was the fastest. Aitken was not at the very top of the test, but he showed earlier that he has speed, did not change the team and that continuity could lead him to a title fight.

Last year's debutant of the season Guanyu Zhou should have an additional motive for the top ranking - the young Chinese is in a potential "pole position" for a place next to Esteban Ocon in Renault 2021, but to enter F1 he must be at least fourth to earn the points needed for superlicense.

From that aspect, his biggest competition is Christian Lundgaard - the young Dane currently has enough points for a super license, but considering that these points are only viewed for the previous three years, due to deleting points from 2017, he will need an equally good ranking in 2021. as well as Zhou. His pace is completely unknown to us because he missed the pre-season test due to passenger restrictions.

We must not forget Premin's duo - Schumacher had a disappointing debut season, but so did F3, where in the end he dominantly took the title in the second season. He needs at least sixth place for a super license, and F1 teams would surely like his last name to stand above their garage. It will certainly be interesting to see how Robert Schwartzman, the current F3 champion, also a Ferrari junior and the most expected debutant, will deal with him.

Judging by the tests, maybe one of the debutants will pleasantly surprise us - Daruvala and Drugovich were less than a tenth behind Ghiotto, and Pedro Piquet was in the top 5.

18-inch tires - a factor that further complicates predictions

Experience with the current F2 car is still very important, but the introduction of 18-inch tires, which will take place only in 1 given the delays in the F2022, could reduce the advantage of more experienced drivers.

Drivers and teams only had three days to test the new tires, and this is a very big change that will not only affect the overall settings of the car, but has led to aerodynamic changes - the cars are now about 30 kg heavier, so it is on the floor added extension for more downforce, and the engines will have 20 hp more with different mapping.

A grid filled with experienced drivers and talented debutants combined with such big car changes really complicates any predictions, which is great for all spectators - it means that an unpredictable and exciting Formula 2 season awaits us!

Schedule of the first weekend in Austria


Free practice - 12: 55-13: 40

Qualifications - 17: 00-17: 30


Main race - 16:45


Sprint race - 11:10

You can watch all the races live via the F1 TV Pro service.

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  1. Michael Schumacher Kaiser Show

    An interesting season awaits us, this year several drivers should make a breakthrough. I think there will be surprises this season because the experience from previous years is not nearly as significant as before. I wouldn't watch too much pre-season testing because not much could be read from it last season either. As for my favorite, I don’t expect much from Mick, so far in F4 and F3 so even last year it took him a long time to get used to the tires so I’m not overly optimistic. My prediction is that they will conquer Zhou or Schwartzman.